I’m Married – Heat Alert!

Obesity & Mental Health Problems Linked to Sodas…

I’m Married!
Heat Alert…
Obesity & Mental Health Problems Linked to Sodas
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Dear Friends:

My wishes were to get this out before our wedding, but it didn’t happen. It’s amazing have many last minute details have to be addressed within moments of a wedding. Martin and I married on June 13th at 4:00 p.m. We are truly blessed by our loving and supporting friends and family who shared this special moment with us. Our honeymoon was divided into two parts: northern California, specifically the giant redwoods, and Seattle. Both of these places were breath filling… There is so much beauty around us, all we have to do is explore our fullest potential to see, live and be in beauty.

Martin and I are climbing down from a giant redwood. Even when the redwood topples over it’s still living and breathing giving life to other plant life. A branch can grow out from it continuing the tree’s life, and other trees latch onto them as their security.

If you have never traveled to the giant redwoods of northern California, you might wish to add these giants on your travel list. The best time to go is during the summer months.

May Beautiful Blessings Surround You Always,

Beth Carpenter

Intuitively Guiding You in Health and Happiness!

Heat Alert…
In Austin and many other places the temperatures are soaring. We have had many record-breaking days, and our local lakes are seriously low, so low that the last boat ramp had to be closed. So, why am I bringing this up? Because it’s easy to get dehydrated during these heat waves. And another known fact is people get cranky and lethargic. Is this happening to any of you? If so, drink more COLD water and drink electrolytes. There are so many ways to increase electrolytes:

1. Drink lemonade with a pinch of salt;
2. Eating watermelon with salt can raise electrolytes;
3. Add an Emergen-C packet to a glass of water;
4. Make apple, celery and cucumber juice or any other celery/cucumber combination;
5. Yes, even Gatorade or Pedialyte are electrolyte drinks, but I don’t suggest it at all. Go natural!

The more ways you know how to get electrolytes back into your system, the less likely you will get dehydrated.

You can also cool your body down quickly by taking a dip in Barton Springs. If you are fortunate enough to have natural cold springs in your vicinity, then take a cold shower and drinks lots of COLD water.

If you think you might want to fast during this heat wave, it would be great since body temperatures normally drop during a fast. Be sure to set you appointment today to get started.

Obesity & Mental Health Problems Linked to Sodas
A Norwegian study has shown that teens that drink the largest quantities of sugary soft drinks also have more mental health problems, including hyperactivity and distress. There was a clear association between soft drinks and hyperactivity, and additional links to other mental disorders. But the worst problem you get when you take soft drinks is OBESITY. Children see and imitate what their parents do, so if you stop drinking soft drinks, it can only help in your efforts to encourage your kids to be healthy as well.

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