Lunar Cycles & Life Cycles

Lunar Cycles: Having the knowledge of when the new moon and full moon is each month is helpful in all matter of things, from health to prayers to making essential oils blends or even preparing a detoxing bath. The time between the new moon and the full moon is known as the waxing moon, and the time that passes between the full moon to the new moon is known as the waning moon.

In the coming months I spend time sharing more about the moon cycles with you. In the meantime here is 2010 lunar cycles:

New Full

1-15 1-30

2-14 2-28

3-15 3-30

4-14 4-28

5-14 5-27

6-12 6-26

7-11 7-26

8-10 8-24

9-08 9-23

10-07 10-23

11-06 11-21

12-05 12-21

The new moon and full moon energy actually begins 3 days before and continues for 3 days following the new and full moon as well.

A Life Cycles

As Christmas was days away, our Mom called my brother to tell him that she wouldn’t be joining us for the Christmas holiday because she wasn’t feeling well.

We knew that her health was not good, but we figured it was because she had been gaining lots of weight and drinking more since Dad died. Gratefully, my brother drove out to El Paso to pick her up. It took her four hours to achieve the task of dressing herself, but finally the deed was done and they were heading back to Fredericksburg.

My sister-in-law had called to tell me that Mom’s health was worse than what previously thought and she was having a lot of trouble breathing. When I saw her it was so very obviously that something was seriously amiss.

Mom couldn’t walk ten feet without having to stop for several minutes attempting to catch her breath. My brother and his wife were going to talk to Mom further the day after Christmas instead December 26th turned into a visit to the emergency room and a 2-week stay in the hospital. After some x-rays and further testing she had an advanced stage of lung cancer with only 65% of her lung capacity left.

The doctors believed without treatment she’d have less than 6 months to live. My brother’s office was turned into her hospital room, and I was driving to Fredericksburg twice a week to visit, make dinner and help with the girls and some cleaning.

Mom had a 50 ft. lead on her hospital scale oxygen feed since the standard pull kind couldn’t supply her with enough oxygen. After a few more x-rays and an attempt to put in a catheter for IV liquid support, which she was too weak for; the cancer had exploded leaving her in a matter of a few weeks with about 20% lung capacity.

Fortunately, up to the day she made her transition she was lucid and we had some wonderful moments. Mom passed on Jan. 27th – 3-days before the full moon. Interestingly many people when making their transition will cross over within 3 days either side of the full moon.

The day Mom crossed over I had just arrived. She was still in her body, and her breathing was shallow and gentle and then she simply stopped breathing. No gasping or rattling for yet one more breath. About 20 minutes beforehand the front door opened, but no one was there. It was Dad coming to get his girl.

She lead a short, but very full 66 years. The part we all wanted was for Mom to take better care of herself, but that decision wasn’t ours to make. As I knew her moments were coming to a close, I had yet one more prayer that her transition would be gentle and quick.

For the 2 weeks following I took time to heal and grieve my loss. My body experienced some bronchitis that has now passed too.

Our bodies are amazing holy temples, and it will always take care of the host (soul). At some point the body will reach a point of no return too if we fail to take care. What I hope for each, is that we take time and commit to the care and honor of this wondrous vessel called our body. We can live life to its fullest glory while simultaneously making healthy choices.

Be kind and take time to share with family and friends. This world is more than just punching a time clock for some unknown reason.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Peace, Love and Blessings,


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