Prayers for Japan & Radiation Exposure

(ho’oponopono and strengthening protection with glutathione production)

Prayers for Japan & Radiation Exposure
Prayers for Japan: All eyes are on Japan as they move through this crisis from the earthquake and tsunami. People are emailing me with their overwhelming sadness for the people of Japan, asking what they can do. And I feel I need to respond to the emotional stresses as well as the fear of radiation exposure even here in the United States.

Definitely, in the past my heart would feel as if it had been torn out of my chest when I would see and hear horrors of destruction whether man-made or through acts of God. And I knew that me going into massive pain over horrific news did not serve a higher power. Even with that knowledge I could not stop the emotions that I would feel.

The most intense emotional pain I ever felt was on 9-11. We all felt the pain of that event. Shortly after 9-11, I had the chance to study some with both Gregg Braden and Dr. Hew Len.

While studying with Gregg Braden I learned a particular forgiveness prayer that I began using every time I watched the news. With Dr. Hew Len I learned kahuna tradition that means to correct. These two techniques have allowed me to add healing prayers to the things that I see and hear on a daily basis instead of more pain.

Since I have incorporated these as daily practices it has become a lot easier for me to handle the emotional pain of events. Working with clients I have taught these tools over and over again because they work.

What I am going to do is teach these 2 methods tomorrow March 16th at 2p.m. and 6 p.m. CT for FREE. Be sure to call in 5 minutes early. Here is my conference number: 218-339-7777 and the pin you will enter is 6298924#.

Until tomorrow…

Peace,Love and Blessings,


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How to Protect Yourself from Radiation Exposure?

When I returned from Denver this weekend a few friends set me information on how to protect against radiation exposure. At first I did not think anything about it since I already did these things anyhow on a daily basis and have for a few years now. But I realized that many you might not know what to do, so I am happy to pass it onto you too.

1.”Glutathione is our body’s MASTER ANTIOXIDANT. Glutathione binds to toxin bile as waste.

Elevated glutathionelevels enable the body to produce more white blood cells. White blood cells arethe body’s garbage collectors and are the most important cells for maintainingsterility of the body fluids.Put simply, glutathione is ‘food’for the white blood cells.

Whether we know it ornot, we are continually inhaling and ingesting natural and synthetic acidictoxins. They are unavoidable in these modern times both in our polluted citiesand our poorly engineered food supplies. When the body has the health and thenourishment it needs, it works tirelessly to eliminate acidic toxins and toprotect itself including damage from radiation exposure.” You can find thisinformation on my website:

Thisnext information came from a friend’s email about glutathione: Radiation exposure causesapproximately 3% of all cancers: it causes the formation of a very reactivefree radical called a “hydroxyradical.” The detoxification ability ofglutathione (GSH) plays a key role in neutralizing hydroxyradicals. Studiesconducted around the world — from Switzerland to Spain to India to Germany –show the effect of glutathione (GSH) on radiation damage. This is why cancerspecialists are now raising glutathione (GSH) levels in cancer patients who areundergoing radiation “therapy.” Detoxification benefits from boostedglutathione (GSH) levels help cancer patients better tolerate the radiationexposure.

Lowlevels of glutathione (GSH) are connected with an increased risk of developingcancer from radiation exposure. And people undergoing radiation treatment forcancer experienced stronger negative effects and greater injury when they havelow glutathione (GSH) levels, because white blood immune cells are better ableto withstand radiation “therapy” when cancer specialists raised glutathione(GSH) prior to treatment.

Takingglutathione orally is useless because stomach acids dissolve it making itineffective. Applying it topically works only as a skin lightener. Andinjecting it through an IV only gets it in the blood stream.

There areonly two products, MaxOne and GXL, that are successful in encouraging the production ofglutathione within the cells of the body, which can be verified in a blood testwithin 30 minutes of taking. I have taken it for 2 years to reverse the damagefrom high levels of radiation exposure during a bone marrow transplant in 1992.

To canwatch the video explaining how it works, go to my product page:

Ordering the MaxOne & GXL is through me: With the MaxOne you take 2 capsules a day, and with the GXL you take 6 capsules a day.

Sea Vegetables and Miso Soup are thesecond and third items listed in protecting the body. A couple of the reason’sare because of providing potassium and iodine thus protecting the thyroid.

Seavegetables are nutritional dense filled with lots of minerals and B vitamins.This is how it was used during WWII: “At the time of the atomic bombing during World War II, Dr.Tatsuichiro Akizuki was Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at St.Francis Hospital in Nagasaki. He fed his staff and patients a strict diet ofbrown rice, miso and tamari soy soup, wakame, kombu and other seaweed, Hokkaidopumpkin, and sea salt. He also prohibited the consumption of sugar and sweetssince they suppress the immune system. No one succumbed to radiation poisoning,whereas the occupants of hospitals located much further away from the blastincident suffered severe radiation fatalities.

Japaneseresearchers have identified the presence of an active ingredient calledzybicolin, discovered in 1972, which acts as a binding agent to also detoxifyand eliminate radioactive elements (such as strontium) and other pollutantsfrom the body.” (from Shirley’s Wellness Café)

Here is mymiso/seaweed soup that eat daily for my health:

1. Add 16ounces of good filtered water to a stainless steel pan;

2. Nextadd 1-2 tablespoons of chickpea miso. (Use the chickpea miso because it isgluten free from your health food store.);

3. Cut 1″or more of fresh ginger root and add to the miso soup;

4. Addseaweed to the miso soup: you can add kombu or arame or wakame;

5. Choppedsome fresh green onion into the soup.

Heat thesoup to a simmer for ten minutes. Remove from the heat and enjoy. It is a broththat is very salty with lots good nutrition that is great for the bodyeveryday.

I will go over this too during the tele-conference tomorrow.

In no way has the statements written been approvedby the FDA, AMA and/or other such agencies. And this is by no means for thepurpose of diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing, preventing,or caring for “disease” in any way or manner whatsoever.

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