Red, White & Blue Light Rays

Red, White & Blue Light Rays, All Seeing Eye of God and the US Dollar Bill

Tomorrow is July 4th – the day the declaration of independence was signed. Our forefathers announced quite loudly that we be freed from tyrannical rule of Great Britain. Those that came before us desired that we have the ability to make our own choices on everything from religion to taxes.

Our flag colors were chosen as red, white and blue. Red is the energy within our root chakra. And our root chakra is about intensity because it is about survival and our physical body. Red is the strength of the blood that runs through our circulatory system. Arteries are represented by red in diagrams of the circulatory system.

White is the bringing together of all colors as in light from our great central sun. This is both the sun that shines upon us as well as the sun that shines within us from divine source. This light let’s us know that angels are all about lighting our path. And if our path seems too dark, ask for more light, and give thanks for the light. Our forefathers wished for us to know that the great central sun, the all seeing eye was always watching us, keeping us safe. The all seeing eye is in the capstone of the pyramid on our dollar bill.

Blue is in the throat chakra giving us the presence to speak from truth. Archangel Michael’s sword is a blue flame that protects us and open opportunities for us too. Blue is about trust and peace. Blue is also the color of the veins on diagrams which represent blood flow into the heart. When we allow more blood and/or more light to flow into our heart we are agreeing to trust, love and live.

It’s interesting that the United States of America picked red, white and blue because all three of these colors and the forces behind them are all about taking the more assertive red energy and running it through the angelic and divine source energy to guide us in the land of opportunity under the protection of the legions of angels.

Enjoy your 4th of July no matter how you choose to celebrate our day of freedom.

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Peace, Love, Health and Abundant Blessings,


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