Superfoods I carry, Trinfinity 8 Healing

Superfoods I Carry + Trinfinity 8

This Thursday, January 23rd from 7-9 p.m. will be my monthly group healing evening. This is a gift I love giving to my community. It is by love donation only, so if you wish to give, you can. Please come and enjoy! I will speaking briefly before the healing on our many opportunities for this year.

Often I’m asked what products do I carry in my office, so I decided to list them. To get the full description, go to:

EMPP Multivitamin that balances serotonin levels: 120 capsules for $67
Ojio Electrolyte w/ Vitamin C in Berry, Fruit Punch and Lemonade flavor (most yummy w/o being too sweet while being gluten and dairy free): 32 packets for $26

Chlorella w/ Shilajit: chlorella is a supergreen, Shilajit is the destroyer of weakness in the body plus is loaded with minerals. 400 tablets for $30

Velvet Antler as old as ginseng in helping our body: 90 capsules for $56
Maximizer Digestive Enzymes by R Garden: 90 capsules for $27
Chia Seeds 1-lb.: $14 (great source of protein and regulating insulin levels)
Induimease: $29.95 (49th mineral, good for the brain)
Magnescent Iodine: $36
Fulvic Acid Minerals for detoxing: $44
Humic Minerals is a excellent multimineral: 1-qt. for $44

I also have links for Wholefood Farmacy, Excaliber Food Dehydrators, bulk herbs & oils at a discount, books, CD’s, rebounders (Qibounder), and 2 different and very effective glutathione accelerators. To learn about all the products, go to:

Peace, Love and Beautiful Blessings,

Beth Carpenter

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