Why ghosts & ET’s must be cleared!

Why ghosts & ET’s must be cleared!
Hola! All you Beautiful People:
Yes, fall is here and Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve is tomorrow. Last week a client shared a story of ET encounter when visiting her niece. The interesting thing about the story is that every family member that was present saw the ET. Usually it is only the child that sees. Following such stories the child is discounted, told to stop making stuff up, there’s nothing to be scared about and get over it. Thank God this family believed and saw it their own eyes too!
When my client asked if I could help, I said YES! Following the fourth day of no sleep and nightly encounters, the family drove down from the DFW area to see me. You could see how tired they were from days of little to no sleep.
First priorty, I cleansed the little ones auric fields and cut the cords the ET had embedded in her. Next very special shielding that is only used in emergency situations was place around her. Finally for this session I called on the crystal elementals to assist us with diversionary stones for each family member.
They were all relaxed and headed to their aunt’s home for the night to get a good nights sleep. While in the area the Mom wished to visit with one of her sisters too. Off they trekked to visit cousins. The girls’ aunt was curious and begin asking a lot of questions. So the young girl decided to invite the alien in, so her aunt could see and know that it was real.
Yes, the shield continued to be strong, but when the girl sends out the request for the ET to visit at that moment the ET was able to interact with her (only briefly though).
Because of this encounter the family returned so I could continue with the entity clearing. It’s always best for all concerned (spirits, ETs, and the living) to clear environments and people through entity clearings.
What many people don’t know is ET’s will also manipulate the DNA strand structure, so they have quicker access and better control over their prey. With the entity clearing I do, ET’s can be removed too. Even though it told the mother that there was nothing that could be done.
I already had a bit of a cold at the time I began the clearing, but within seconds I began coughing so hard, and felt I was being folded in half, my voice became slow and weak. Because I am aware of what some of these creatures can attempt to do, I knew how to push through. Now if there really was nothing that could be done the ET would not have tried to stop me.
Attached is my client I helped over this past week. Please watch.
Very importante FYI: When we allow for fear, anger, doubt, sadness to take hold of us, our auric field becomes weak, and when we are in a state of love and joy our force field is strong. So the simplest thing to do for fast immediate results is to use short dog commands like NO. Then get in touch with a professional that knows how to handle this type of activity. Of course, you are welcome to call me. My number is listed below.

Yes, I do teach classes on this type of clearing!

Be safe this Halloween……Full moon November 6th!

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