Ray 2: The Ray of Wisdom – Kuthumi, Jesus and Archangel Jophiel

Illumination and Discernment is a ray we can all use a bit more of because it helps to increase a consciousness (Yay!). It’s a beautiful golden yellow in color. Who are the angels and ascended beings? And what are their role?

Kuthumi and Jesus
Archangel Jophiel
Elohim Cassiopeia
Chohan Lanto

Ascended Master Kuthumi along with Beloved Master Jesus are considered World Leaders. They help every race and nation to better understand one another with a kind and loving heart. What is necessary is learning to listen to the small still voice that is humble and wise. As the saying goes, as one becomes wiser, the more silent the tongue.

We are more familiar with Jesus, and Kuthumi has a long and rich soul history for his embodiments included Pythagoras, St. Francis of Assisi and he was one of the three wiseman the day Jesus was born. You can call on Kuthumi for healing.

Beloved Archangel Jophiel (divine complement Constancy) will assist everyone with education, accelerated spiritual understanding and illumination, and removing ignorance. Jophiel is also known as the spy of God or Watchman.

Lanto made his ascension at the time of Confucius and he encourages honesty and integrity among the people. Call on Lanto to precipitating GOOD and learning and experiencing REVERENCE. If called upon he will extinguish jealousy, bitterness and selfishness.

Elohim Cassiopea aka Apollo (twin flame listed in some places as Minerva and others as Lumina) helps us with right choice through discernment plus improves our attention span. Apollo loves medicine and healing, and he can help us bring heaven on earth too!

Each ray gives us a better understanding and to improve the precipitation of good health, happiness, and financial prosperity. I’ll tied this together more after the I write on the 7th ray. Please remember there is much, much more than I have written. If you so choose, research the rays. The time spent will only improve your world as you know it.

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