Choosing, Holy Harmony

Music that heals… Choose to Choose is a statement that a mentor of mine uses, and his name is Bob Stevens. When I hear the phrase, choose to choose, my heart and mind says yes. These three little words are loaded with energy. And they also remind me of a poem/prayer that I wish to share. This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life

Seating on a Sack of Seeds

Nutritional facts of chia seeds…delicious raw tapioca pudding recipe Seating on a Sack of Seeds Sometimes when I begin to write a newsletter, I’m not sure what to write about. I like to pick interesting and enlightening topics, but other times I just sit and stare at the computer. During holiday seasons I enjoy writing about seasonal topics, but I realize the greatest gift I can give is the gift of health. And that is where this story of the sack of seeds comes along. Is it a traditional holiday story? No! But you will get the best gift of

Apricot Kernels, Ho’oponopono

B-17 a cancer preventative and the Hunza people… Apricot Kernels Twentyfour years ago when I had begun that infamous ten year journey with cancer, I chewed 7-10 apricots kernels a day. They tasted bad, but I ate them anyway because they have B17 in them. A few months back I came across a company that has organic, activated, dehydrated apricot kernels. The taste was pleasant. And I loved the idea that they were organic and activated. Just so you know what I mean when I say activated: the kernels are soaked for a period of time to activate the sprouting

The All Forgiving Liver

24 hours a day the liver performs 1000 plus… The All Forgiving Liver The liver is the hardest working organ of the body and with a bit little TLC, the most forgiving. It will repair itself 100% and re-grow if a part of it is cutoff. It also takes the most abuse through alcohol, medications, fats, sugars, carbs. Everything that we eat, absorb through the skin, and breathe through theair must be filtered through the liver. The liver performs 1000 plus tasks, 24 hours a day. Over 2 quarts of blood a minute are filtered through the liver everyday. The

Abundance, Blackberry

If abundance is our divine birth right, then… As you all know, I truly love helping people to become all they can be. This, of course, is by way of a healthier body, a more peaceful mind, an open heart and releasing the financial lacking blocks (this includes the release of karma). By living at a higher vibration, the connection, within yourself, to GOD – Great Spirit is more directly accessed by YOU. I do believe it is in every one of us to be abundant in each of these areas. And I believe this is our natural state of

Think Happy, Blue Dolphin

Think happy…how??? laugh attack… In life we all desire to know that we are loved, appreciated and safe. The interesting part of this equation is we must provide that loving, appreciating safe place for ourselves, even if think we don’t have the power. Life is a mixed bag of adventures; we get to decide what rides to get on, how to ride them, as well as what we’ll learn from each turn along the path. Mostly when we are young, our decisions are reactionary. Somewhere down the road (hopefully sooner than later) we come to a realization that what we’ve

Let It Go

The gift of goodbye… Ultimate Secret From the Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale, pg. 173-174 The ultimate secret to attracting whatever you want is to want it without needing it. When you are detached from the outcome, you disconnect from everything that could sabotage your success. The Attractor Factor kicks into overdrive when you state your intention, and are happy whether you achieve it or not……struggling to achieve something causes the opposite forces within yourself to kick into play. But when you come from an inner place of serenity, and you go with the flow toward your wishes, you have

Now to Live, Grapefruit

Breathe now and now and now…Burn fat… Choosing NOW to LIVE There is no better time to talk about living now than at the start of a new year. Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll move beyond talking about it, to living it. 2007 is a year that for planet Earth is about bringing closure to all that doesn’t work, so that we can begin anew with the most important core values at the start of 2008. One of the challenges that I see for many people including myself in the past (remember the past can be just

Creating Better Memories and Cinnamon

Reduce holiday stress…cinnamon is more than a spice… Creating Better Memories Around the holidays there is great joy and tremendous stress. I write this in hopes of all of us taking time to focus on joy and creating more from a joyful state. We all know what stress and chaos feels like, but the core of whom we are, is a happy, spiritually evolved being. Getting back to a happier center allows for the spirit of the holidays to live year round. Plus the holidays become more fun too. Think back to a happy time in life, from that moment

House Blessings, Ghost Removal, Pennyroyal

Shares information on house cleaning and includes clearing ghosts or discarnate spirits from our property. Most people think of spring cleaning as dusting the out of reach places, scrubbing floors, getting rid of unwanted clothing, having garage sales, and planting flowers. All of those things are good to do, and it is also good to clear out those things we don’t see too. This past month I’ve done a lot of house clearings. Just last week I did one out in the Texas hill country that was quite interesting. Oh, yes, there were a handful of entities. I always take