Collect Thyself Spritzer


Helps to re-center our mind, improve focus, and relax us through grounding when feeling scattered.


Collect Thyself is my newly reformulated, unique blend of hydrosols and essential oils for assisting us to achieve balance and oneness. So many times during our day to day activities, we will feel scattered and beside ourselves with all that we must get done. This beautiful spritzer, Collect Thyself, helps to re-center the mind, improve focus, and relaxes us through grounding. If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel the chaos being erased and stillness aligning with oneness and prosperity.

Suggested application: Spritz over the top of your head and comb your fingers through your imaginary long, luxurious hair up and outward in long sweeping strokes. This helps immensely, just like getting out of the hairdresser’s chair with the best hair cut of your life!

  • Rose is the flower of Mother Mary, invokes miracles and angels
  • Chamomile trustworthy, eliminating fatigue, calms hysteria
  • Petitgrain calms physical & emotional body while keeping mind clear & focused
  • Basil is the green ray for prosperity and protection
  • Melissa clears mental confusion and promotes longevity
  • Myrrh is for purification and holy anointing
  • Germanium Rose supports nervous system, relaxes
  • Neroli heals depression and increases confidence
  • Tulsi stops poverty against women, holy, peaceful,
  • Angelica helps us find meaning in our life, and replenish energy
  • Rosewood is an anti-depressant, stimulates hormone balance, increases libido
  • St John’s Wort is known as a shield of light from John the Baptist to Jesus Christ, really great for sensitive people


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