Eye See Vision Oil



Eye See Vision Oil comes in a .125 oz bottle, 1.8” high. It is very concentrated and 1 drop, twice a day is all you need. You can add it to your daily eye cream or put it directly around the eye. Please don’t get it in your eye. Think big circle from eye  brow to cheek bone.

All of My Healthy Skin products are proprietary blends of the highest available essential oils and carrier oils that are natural, Eco Friendly, Organic and Made with Loving Hands in Austin, TX.

A Quick Glance at each ingredient:

FRANKINCENSE – reduces fine lines, kills cancer
AFGAN OIL – high in Vitamin E
HELICHRYSUM – vision – circulation – reducing allergies
PALMAROSA – reduces wrinkles, cellular regeneration, minimize pore size and reduce anxiety and anger
COPAIBA – wound healer, reduce inflammation & pain
ST. JOHN’S WORT – antiseptic/antiviral, reduces swelling
ROSEWOOD – drives away sadness, improves circulation, heals wounds and skin diseases, improves memory
ROSE GERANIUM – improves oxygen supply
SEA BUCKTHORN – natural sunscreen and anti-aging
YLANG YLANG – antiseptic, reduces skin irritation, relieves stress
JOJOBA OIL – prevents dehydration

Every formula has it’s own Trinfinity 8 protocol that I have put together with the guidance from above. Every blend is run through its protocol 3-times to align the algorithms to maximize healthy, healing care.

Intuitively Guiding You in Health & Happiness!

These statements have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.