Mugwort Essential Oil – 5ml


A magical oil that is Muggle friendly!


Mugwort Oil stretches the chakras that it is put on through gently cleansing and expanding the chakra. Mugwort expands our state mentally, emotionally and consciously. Would you like to be OPEN to more ideas and expand possibilities? Using Mugwort will help us sort out the best direction to take.

Place a drop on the back heart and stop falling into inertia and fixating on details. This lovely oil is excellent for a healthy, happy mind and good for prosperity.

Yes, Mugwort also relieves stiffness in pelvic region, protects against evil spirits and it is also known as a cure for blindness. If you wish to encourage dreaming, alleviate headaches, gout, warts and intestinal complaints – just to name a few, then add mugwort to your daily regiment.

Please remember MUGWORT is ONLY for external use.