Rub Me Softly


Gentle, hydrating Body Scrub which clears your energy field


RUB ME SOFTLY comes in a 16-oz. jar of a delicious Dead Sea Salt scrub that cleans up our auric field, smooths our skin while rejuvenating tired, flaky skin.

A great daily ritual is to scrub from the bottom of our feet up to the front and back of our knees. ASK ME WHY? We have a very important chakra on the bottom of our feet and this gets the dirtiest of all chakras as we move throughout our day. By using this scrub every night, you will clear your running thoughts and mind chatter and you will sleep better. And from lots of feedback, you’ll also have better dreams.

FYI: This IS gentle enough to use on our face, so of course, we can do our whole body too. AND invite our partners to scrub our back!

All of My Healthy Skin products are proprietary blends of the highest available essential oils and carrier oils that are natural, Eco Friendly, Organic and Made with Loving Hands in Austin, TX.

Testimonial by Nicole Cuellar in San Antonio shared: I use the “Rub Me Softly” scrub right before shaving my legs. It helps from getting razor burn and my legs don’t feel dry.

A Quick Glance at each ingredient:

DEAD SEA SALTS: More environmentally conscious and better for our oceans.
COCONUT 60/40: Multiple uses, hydrates & penetrates skin quickly
MEADOWFOAM: Balances the oil in the skin and is easily absorbed
GRAPESEED: Assists in skin repair and has antiseptic as well as mildly astringent properties
HAZELNUT: Considered a dry oil, it’s pore reducing and helps to reduce blackheads
LAVENDER: Calming, protects, keeps spirits from attaching
FRANKINCENSE: Clearing deeper recalcitrant energy, balance
ROSEWOOD: Anti-depressant, stimulates hormone balance, increases libido
BAY LAUREL: Wisdom, peace, protection against illness & malice
HYSSOP: acts as a calming substance for anxiety and hysteria
SPIKENARD: Helps with relaxation by slowing down pain messages to the brain

Every formula has it’s own Trinfinity 8 protocol that I have put together with the guidance from above. Every blend is run through its protocol 3-times to align the algorithms to maximize healthy, healing care.

Intuitively Guiding You in Health & Happiness!

These statements have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.