Sacred Trinity Roll-On


Natural Gardenia, Neroli and Pink Lotus oil to promote happiness, increase prosperity and repel negativity


Sacred Trinity Roll-on is so very special. It is a blend of the purest essential oils Neroli, Gardenia and Pink Lotus. Besides smelling really good, what is the magic Sacred Trinity? Three oils, three levels of healing: body, mind and spirit, and divisible by three!

Energetics of NEROLI is creativity, playfulness, opportunity and aphrodisiac.

GARDENIA brings beauty, love, numerically an “8” adds prosperity, plus reduces inflammation, stops others from creating conflict in our life, repels negativity and increases telepathic abilities.

PINK LOTUS protects us from negative energy, hexes & curses!

Once blended, Sacred Trinity is improved with its own Trinfinity 8 program to further enhance all the benefits and charged with an Electric Violet Light.
All of My Healthy Skin products are proprietary blends of the highest available essential oils and carrier oils that are natural, Eco Friendly, Organic and Made with Loving Hands in Austin, TX.

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