Spritzer Gift Bag


A great way to have all 3 spritzers and also carry your free bonus of extra Protection Thine with you to use at any time. It will easily fit in your purse or pocket. My spritzers are an easy way to living a more peace-filled and joyful life. Yes, I do favor my spritzers above others because I use the best ingredients, and they go through a Trinfinity 8 protocol to insure they are aligned in the best possible way to help de-stress. Plus with the bonus size of Protection Thine, the 3 spritzers are now all travel friendly as well!


What’s in this GIFT Bag?

2 oz. Blemish Goodbye is a great facial toner, and aftershave, plus it works so very well on healing past emotional hurts!

2 oz. Collect Thyself spritzer helps us when feeling scattered. Spray the top of your head and feel centering return.

4 oz. Protection Thine is my go to spray for anywhere, anytime for anything. Facial Toner, disinfectant, room refresher, etc.

Plus FREE BONUS – 1 oz. travel size Protection Thine


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