Soul Health

Nothing ever succeeds which exuberant spirits have not helped to produce.

- Nietzsche

Health Coaching is different from standard therapy mostly because of teaching style. A good coach teaches you many tools to stay constant on improving your life through daily practices of managing stress, staying present with self, while helping you to determine, trust and achieve your goals.

Soul Health coaching is even more than all that because I teach you how to understand deeper realms of life and connect to your I AM Presence, how to maximize angelic assistance, how to expand our spiritual cord and keep our chakras healthy, which also keeps our physical body healthy too.

Wow! This permits people to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and/or associations. Thus deepening learning, improving performance (i.e. time management and follow through), and enhance the quality of life. Do you think your relationships will improve too? YES!

Intuitive and spiritual coaching is like upgrading your internal hard drive. It's the greatest gift you can give yourself because your improvement will also help those around you, whether you know it or not.

So what is Intuitive Life Coaching? With Intuitive Coaching I have the joy of witnessing individuals and families more present and aligned with the now no matter what may be on their plate. The Intuitive guidance allows for a wisdom to emerge. Through this we become empowered both personally and spiritually.

A career path and divine design as well as helpful ideas, solutions and strategies for business and life naturally become evident. And you will learn how to best focus on Life through optimizing Energy. This is done through meditation, working with your angels along with correcting mathematical algorithms through the Trinfinity 8.

Why do this?  Because there are times in life when we feel at a crossroads and sometimes just need some extra help getting through the challenges. We are all searching for something better whether it is in love, friendship, career direction, money, an explanation or just hoping to connect with a higher source. Life improving tools is all that is required to begin affecting the change that you always knew was possible.

When the car acts up, you take it to the mechanic. When a bone breaks, you go to the doctor. When the pipes burst, you call the plumber. And when you feel lost and out of sorts but don't necessarily have the words to even figure out what it is, you call a spiritual, intuitive life coach. Also referred to "Wisdom Coaching."

Yes, that's right: Call a spiritual, intuitive life coach. We are much more than physical beings, we are spiritual beings learning to operate an earth suit. Understanding the body, mind, and spiritual interconnectedness is most important because this is where we learn who we really are...

Having someone who can listen, teach and help support you to be, have and do your best in the spiritual and physical worlds is a gift.

Angels are everywhere watching us, helping us and encouraging us. Our contact can be direct or indirect, which means we may or may not see them. They can come to us in many forms whether human, animal,plant, thought transmission and of course, the winged ones or light beings. The reason angels often take on human or nature forms is because of our beliefs.

Our angels are always with us and because of this they see all and know all. This is the primary reason I always work with the angels when guiding you, my client, to reach a higher place of wisdom and light in life.

This angel image you see is from a client of mine. She desired help in working with her angels. And she was doing a beautiful job connecting with her angels, but one day she had a universal temper tantrum demanding to see an angel with wings, gown and halo...When she opened her front door, this is what was on her front lawn...Tell me what you see!

May Your Day be Blessed with All that is Good,


Here's a list of just a few angels you can reach out to:

Chamuel means "God sees," so he is good to help us find lost objects. Chamuel's color ray is Pink.

Raphael means "he who heals," so call upon him in matters of love, healing, lost pets. His color ray is Emerald.

Ariel is "lioness of God," and Ariel helps all animals including the wild ones along with helping us in manifesting our dreams and helping Mother Earth and environmental concerns. Miss Ariel is the Pink Ray.

Uriel means "fire of God," and is the angel of light, work and leaders. Color ray is Red.

Michael is "he who looks like God." Because he is one of the most popular archangels we know him for his protection and a peacemaker, and he also helps while driving vehicles, protecting property, and offering courage. Michael's ray is Blue.

Gabriel is the "messenger of God," and we can call upon him to help children, adoptions, expectant mothers, while giving us strength and wisdom plus he can help those women during conception and birth. Gabriel helps writers, poets, speakers, teachers too. Color ray is White.

Raziel means "secrets of God," so can get help through esoteric dreams, healing our past lives, releasing fears of being psychic or being psychically attacked through curses, and learning sacred secrets. Raziel's color ray is the rainbow.

Raguel is "friend of God," and helps in romance, relationships, forgiveness and forgetting. Some sources say color ray is light blue and other sources purple.

Jophiel is "beauty of God," and she helps us to clear blocks as well as clutter. Call on her to help with spring cleaning and attracting beauty and art. Color ray is Yellow.

Zadkiel is "righteousness of God," angel of freedom, mercy and forgiveness. He teaches right action through the Violet Flame. He has the ability for instanteous miracles. His color ray is Violet.