archangel chamuel

Ray 3 – Ray of Love – The Anchor for All Other Rays

The Anchor for all Other Rays We have covered briefly the 1st and 2nd Rays: Will and Wisdom. Now we learn from the Cosmic LOVE (Pink) ray because Will and Wisdom, without Love…our life and world will be crazy. Oops did I say something that is already happening? Okay, let’s move forward through LOVE! With Cosmic love we have an increased level of calmness. We learn tolerance, harmony and gratitude within. What we learn inwardly, we will express outwardly without our community. Love is the supreme source of LIFE. Love completes a trinity that resides each of our hearts. Pink

Tidbits for the Heart

Tidbits for the Heart, Hawthorne, Love Essences, Archangel Chamuel, Rose Quartz, Oil of Violet. Love and Valentine’s Day can bring about a rush of emotions whether you are in love, recently broken up, or lonely for love. So this newsletter offers 5 tidbits for the heart. Hawthorne is an herb that is known for regulating and strengthening the heart on the physical level. And you can take a very small dose for healing the grieving heart. Just 3 drops in a small amount of water (only once a day) for 30 days works miracles on healing the grieving heart. Love