About Beth

Beth Carpenter, N.D., is a naturopathic doctor, medical intuitive, Reiki Master, author, public speaker, psychic, ghost buster, and angel communicator who has studied many types of healing modalities over 25 years. Through working with nutrition and energy medicine, Beth has helped thousands achieve health, balance, peace and understanding.

My Words:
Although I’ve worked in alternative therapies for over 25 years now, the path of an intuitive, alternative health and energy medicine practitioner did not even come into my field of vision until the 80’s. As a young adult I found myself facing a life and death reality with a diagnosis of fourth stage cancer with less than six months to live. This 10-year journey of healing molded and shaped me into a very knowledgeable woman with much to offer others. Many of my clients/students refer me to God’s information booth, so that has been a running joke for some years now.

There are some levels of wisdom that can only be acquired through particular experiences. And the cancer experience opened doors into an inner world of intuition and angels (celestial and earth) that helped comfort and teach me while saving my life.

In addition to the assistance from above (and within), I read, studied and took classes on everything I could get my hands on from reiki, hands-on healing, natural hygiene, macrobiotics, angels, color therapy, herbs, vitamins, diet, dream therapy, iridology, fasting, graphology (hand-writing analysis), massage, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), numerology, tarot, spirit guides, prayer, toning (healing through sound), meditation, yoga, thai chi, brain balancing, positive thinking, language reconstruction, sacred scripture, etc.

So I hope you can see, helping people through alternative therapies found me. I truly love helping and teaching people in their discovery of a happier more intuitive and healthy lifestyle.

I’ve had a chance to speak internationally at major events as a headline speaker, and to be interviewed on TV, radio and different publications. Plus I’ve written articles for many publications in the Austin area, as well as teach classes through UT Informal classes. All of these experiences allow me to get the word out that life is meant to be experienced as a joyous journey. We just need some help matching our vibrational frequency with all that is good.

If you wish to read my story, click on my product page to order my book, Strength of the Spirit.

Naturopathy and Medical Intuitive

A naturopath is a trained individual that looks at the entire body and mind in a natural healing approach. It is a drugless system in which they may work with herbs, homeopathic, median points, acupressure, sun, heat, air, water, massage, energy medicine, etc. and/or any combination thereof.

My experience as a medical intuitive is 24 years young, and 13 years as a naturopathic doctor. Every individual is different, so having an endless source of wisdom and tools is imperative. Fortunately, God has given me much to work with in both of these arenas through personal experiences and formal training.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Gary Craig, a known Stanford engineer, and two medical doctors developed EFT. It is a simple and very effective tool in releasing the emotions out of the memory banks that are held in the cells of one’s body. And results are achieved within moments instead of a lifetime of therapy.

I have studied and practiced EFT personally and professionally for three (3) years now. You learn more through Gary Craig’s (the founder) at his website, www.emofree.com.

There are so many ways in which EFT can be used that the list is endless, but here are just a few things:

Eliminate a client’s chocolate addiction
Fear of dogs
Stop smoking
Let go of the emotional pain of molestation
Fear of heights
Spell better
Lose weight
Stay focused


Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian word meaning “to correct, to make right and to correct an error.” This year, 2007, I had a chance to study with Dr. Ihaleakala S. Hew Len, a psychotherapist that is trained in this kahuna practice. Dr. Len is the president and administrator of www.hooponopono.org. Together, Morrnah and Ihaleakala worked with
thousands of people over the years, including groups at the United Nations, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), International Human Unity Conference on World Peace, World Peace Conference, Traditional Indian Medicine Conference, Healers for Peace in Europe, and the Hawaii State Teachers Association. Dr. Len also has extensive experience working with developmentally disabled people and with the criminally mentally ill and their families.

You will learn to take 100% responsibility for your life, thus affecting positive change.

Personal and Spiritual Coach

A coach is different from a therapist because they teach you to stay constant on improving your life through daily practices of managing stress, stay in the now, while helping you to determine and achieving your goals. And learning to trust in something bigger than you that is within you.

Wow! This permits people to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and/or associations. Thus deepening learning, improving performance (i.e. time management and follow through), and enhance the quality of life.

Personal and spiritual coaching is like upgrading your internal computer. It’s a gift to have someone hold you accountable.

I have thirteen years experience as a personal and spiritual coach.

Language Reconstruction

Throughout my life I’ve noticed that the words we use and how we speak them can and do influence what others think and how they react to us. Through the study of positive thinking, nonviolent communication, conscious languaging, and many leadership courses, my own communication has greatly improved in it’s clarity and understanding.

Changing our thought processes on how we think and speak takes a little bit of time, and is well worth the discipline it takes. Distinct and powerful results occur when we learn to think and speak differently than the norm. We then move from the language of the “NOTS” into the language of YES.

My background is ten years and growing.

Releasing Money Barriers

During the first 35 years of my life I rarely thought about money other than to worry that there wasn’t enough or that it was meant for someone else. Everything I had read to that point spoke more about money being the root of all evil and only a few had “it.”

Beginning in 2000 I started to read about healing spiritually my issues around money. Even though this helped immensely something was missing, I wasn’t getting anywhere. I still felt like a slave to my creditors and money.

As my custom, I continued to pursue the subject of money and it’s place in one’s life. Most everyone that visited with me during consultations speak too that they didn’t have enough money. So in January 2007 I began to study money from a more traditional approach. I learned everything from how to most effectively pay off debt, money management, investing in stocks and currencies as well as other types of investment opportunities.

What I found surprised me! There were vibrational and spiritual shifts that took place inside of me. And I’ve watched how passing this to my clients, they to have made significant changes too.

Other subjects that I teach and guide individuals and groups through: