Blue Magnolia Body Wash, Where it Came From and Why It’s Important To Use

Blue Magnolia Body Wash Do you occasionally wish for things to manifest faster in your life? Do you have any desires to increase prosperity, opportunity, get a new job, have more clients, ease tensions, sleep better, create more loving relationships with your family and/or in your world? These are some of the things that have happened to people who are already using my Blue Magnolia body wash. BMW for short! This lovely smelling blend of oils came together to help us cut cords and clean our energy from what we’ve picked up during our day. When we clean all that

Knowing Our Kabbalistic Cycle Helps in All Areas of Life

Almost everyone wants to know a simple step to make life a bit easier. Understanding the cycles that we all go through does help us to plan each year. For example, on July 30th I had to undergo two surgeries on the same day. First surgery was the removal of a large basal cell carcinoma, and second surgery face reconstruction around the left eye. If I had gone in when the doctor wanted me to, it wouldn’t be in the best time for me. By waiting just one week, I was in my Jupiter cycle that guaranteed success. Both surgeons

Abundant Living

ABUNDANT LIVING On any given day, we find ourselves wanting more time to get everything done, more sleep, to be loved and appreciated more along with extra money and better health. Each of our wishes have some of the same things in common, and conquering one thing in our life can make it easier to accomplish many other areas of life too. Living abundantly and being more prosperous always must begin with a state of mind. Our thoughts, words and deeds must be on the same page. This workshop will lay a healthier foundation so we can begin to see

Benefits of Bergamot EO

Did you know that Bergamot essential oil has over 10 amazing benefits? Bergamot is from Italy and is a citrus plus it aids in the prevention of infections including treating malaria in Italy, relieving depression, reducing pain, accelerating healing, aiding digestion, helpful in eliminating infections in the colon, intestines, kidneys and urinary tract, BUT did you know that it disinfects the skin and improves overall skin health. One or two drops can be added to a mouth wash to clear up gingivitis, and it is that special ingredient in Earl Grey tea. Since pain heightens our anxiety and often reduces

Why Choose Healthy Help 4U? Notes of Graditude

“I wanted to thank you again for my Beth treats! I used the oils and the circulation lotion right when I got home and my allergies cleared right up. I put the oil on my nerves in my sinuses and it cleared right up. And I put the circulation lotion on my kidneys and my digestive system has finally settled! Thank you for healing me!” ~ Jenina re: gift from her mom

“I have been coming to the celebration fair for years with my mom and sister and you have been one of my best readings, if not the best. I hope to hear from you soon, thank you.” Cathy G., Denver

“Hi, Beth! Well, as we intended to create, Max got a job in Tampa and we are moving in a month! We are very excited! I think that the energy there will be good for all of us. We are looking for a place to live near the beach.” Anonymous

“I want to thank you sincerely for all of your help. I did a healing session last week and for the first time, was able to lie on a massage table and receive an healing without screaming crying. Wow. I have really come a long way in the last few months! I am so much more comfortable in my body and I feel so much stronger. I take my Max One everyday and I love it. I will call you from Florida when I need you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to clear out all of that junky stuff that I had been carrying around. What a relief! Many, many abundant blessings to you, dear Beth!” With love and a big hug, Janice

“Mammogram last week was completely normal and the radiologist commented on how even the area with the scar tissue (inside) was so healed!” L.M., Austin

“I just want to touch base with you on my progress. I found another job working for US Couriers. I’ve also been able to drive across bridges and the upper deck of 183 both North and South directions with out anxiety or having panic attacks. Thanks Beth…” C.T., Austin

“Hi Beth, Good news re my cysts. I had my sonogram appt. yesterday and the 4 cm cyst on my right ovary is gone and the 8 cm cyst on my left ovary has shrunk down to 2.8 cm.” Thanks, Robin