The Chinese word for "crisis" is written with two brush strokes.  The first is for danger and the second is for opportunity. ~anonymous

Very fascinating! Ay!


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About Beth Carpenter 


Beth has an extensive background in life coaching and specializes in Austin Texas Naturopathy - nature's medicine. Beth believes in

natural ways to HEAL while rooting out the core, cause, effect, record and memory of any problem. How does this help? Healing begins ASAP. Society often relies too heavily on the use of medication and this can get in the way of living a normal stress-free life.

If you've been feeling less than yourself lately and can't explain why or don't know what to do, it might be time to seek outside help and this is where Beth Carpenter comes in. Not only will she help make your body function optimally, she will also assist in helping to heal your soul at the heart level.


Yes, I am Beth Carpenter and as a medical intuitive I proudly serve my clients in Austin, Texas as well as throughout the United States with premier spiritual coaching.


Intuitively Guiding You in Health and Happiness!



Introductory Special: 15-minutes for $45

The introductory special is by phone only.Making your life a little easier, I offer a sliding scale range! Please ask me..."Hot flashes reduced by 75% with just a couple of changes. I haven't changed my eating habits yet, and, yes I'm still eating crap. Thrilled to get results so fast." - Maura Fallon

Please call and/or email me for my hourly rate, and for those of you that desire to get a lot of help ask about my Discounted 24-hour coaching package rates.My house-clearings and blessings are not discounted because of the nature of the work.On many occasions I am asked what areas do I specialize in. Maybe if I had just begun in the last year or so, then I'd say one or two areas. Thankfully I have been working full-time in the holistic field for 20 plus years. I have a lot of knowledge to help a person feel better and be physically healthy, emotionally happy, and spiritually blissed out. And if I don't know, then I know who does and will be happy to refer you.However, if you're looking for chakra healing in Dallas, TX I'm the medical intuitive for you! I'm not limited to that as you'll see below. I also offer a past life readings or angel readings. Both of these can shed some light into your life.

Here is a wonderfully long list of healing modalities that I provide. You can click onto it to get further info:

Naturopathy and Energy Medicine - Naturopathy has five basic principles:

  1. Stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself;
  2. Do no harm to the body;
  3. Find the first cause, remove the cause, not just the symptoms;
  4. Educate and empower the individual; and
  5. Treat the whole person, not just the diseased part or system.

Medical Intuitive and Body Scanning is one's ability to see into the body and auric fields surrounding the body without the use of x-ray or CT scans.


Complimentary Medicine guidance blends what is deemed conventional medicine with natural medicine to achieve the highest results...


Weight Loss and Natural Hygiene are two very different things, and through natural hygiene a person can lose weight while balancing blood sugars. I really enjoy working with my clients that are desiring to lose weight because it can be achieved. And once it is, a person's life is changed forever and health issues disappear. It's so beautiful to see the smile on a person's face that couldn't even cross her legs because she was so obese.


Raw Food and Vegan Diets are very rewarding objectives to achieve. It's easier today to eat raw, vegan and gluten free diets. Not only is it easy, but you can travel, go out to dinner with friends, and find yourself not needing the nap following a meal.

Cleansing, Detoxing and Fasting is a huge fad today, but when I began fasting and cleansing it was something that only the hippies and weird people did. Fortunately the concept of doing regular maintenance on the body so it keeps running has become mainstream. It is easy to work and workout while cleansing the body. There are so many different types of fasts to fit with any lifestyle. Whether you wish to do a water fast, juice fast, raw fasting fest, I can guide you my many years of experience.

Energy Medicine, Reiki, & Pranic Healings are ways to heal the spirit of a person through cleansing the auric layers and chakras. This can be done live or remotely. With Reiki there is a laying on of hands, and with Pranic healing I never physically touch you. Do people feel it? Yes!

Here's what one client in NJ said today 9-17-14: "Dear Beth, Thank you for the healing session you bestowed on me Tuesday. I felt at peace and went about my day feeling balanced and energized." ~ S.B.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. This tool is simple, and anyone can learn to use it quickly and effectively in physical and emotional healing.


Brain Balancing is more than just energy healing of the brain grid, it's clearing the brain fog and chatter too...

Trinfinity 8 is a special software program that is based on Atlantean technology that corrects the mathematically algorithms of the body through the holding of crystals, watching fractals and listening to healing music. I know this may sound way too WooWoo, but it's not.

Pat Berry's testimonial:

Testimonial from Michelle Larios:

I had the opportunity to gift my family a session of divine alignment and straightening with Peter in December. It was a beautiful experience of which I can feel a major shift in my family and myself. However, I want to focus on my son Daniel here. My son began to develop pretty significant tics and changes in behavior in early November of last year. He was getting more and more aggressive and hyper sensitive. It was hard for him to control his anger outbursts. Then the tics began. They got so bad; I thought he may be having seizures and took him to get tested in the hospital. Thank goodness everything turned out to be normal and was diagnosed with stress-induced tics.  At this time, I decided to take him off all dairy. It was after all this happened that I decided that my entire family of 4 should go see Peter. Since December Daniel is a different boy! He no longer has tics and his behavior has changed drastically.He is not aggressive anymore and is not sensitive to things that would bother him before. Daniel is 5 years old and of course has the occasional aggressive gesture, but his speech is no longer aggressive. It is now soft and he is able to communicate better. His demeanor is calmer and is able to self regulate so much faster and more effectively now. I just cannot say how thankful I am that I made the decision to give my family the gift of a new life!

I also want to note that Daniel went through a 10 week Trifinity 8 healing session with Beth a couple days after the divine alignment and I am more than positive that these sessions contributed a great deal to Daniel's healing. In fact, when we started the sessions, I remember exactly a week later noticing that Daniel's tics were almost gone and that is aggressive behavior was noticeably decreasing. I am so thankful to Beth for helping Daniel and I get through this. If it weren't for her, none of this would have been possible. Thank you Beth and thank you Peter for being shining lights in my life and in my family's life. God Bless.

Ghost and Entities - Most people are familiar with the term ghosts, but I really refer them to entities or spirits. For whatever reason they....Please go to my House Blessing page to learn more.

Access a/k/a File Removal

Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) is added as a bonus for those come into my office or mail me a three page writing sample.


Wellness Coaching can start today!!!!!!!!

Questions clients asked...

Do I have any angels? Do they have names? How can I talk to them? When are they around me?

I feel like I have black cloud following me because nothing good comes my way. Why does this always happen to me? Can it be stopped?

I believe in miracles for others, but not for me. Help!

The doctors say I have to just live with this condition, is this true? Is there any hope?

Will I always be depressed? Why can't I sleep?

Why do I chose bad relations? How can I stop the abuse? Can I change another person? How can I be heard?

I'm going through a divorce, help. Someone very close to me died. What do I do? Are they around me? How do I communicate with them?

Who am I? I'm lost. Does anyone care?

I think I have a ghost in house. How can I get rid of it? How can I talk to it?

What to expect in sessions...

Working with clients, I scan the various layers and dimensions of the energy field and etherical bodies. By doing this I am able to see what's going on in and around the body that needs attention. Many times one's angels and spirit guides will provide me with information to relay back to you.

With my intuitive abilities, I follow the course of chaos within a student's mind and body until I reach the root of the discord. Once the life path has been outlined, clients are able to see, hear and know, through the eyes, ears and heart of their true self, their higher self.

I believe it's important for my clients to start understanding where some of their thought patterns and files began. And how these thoughts have controlled, dominated and manipulated them. Once the patterns are recognized, then they can be released, no longer having power over them. This allows for the creation of a new, happier, healthier, enlightened and, hopefully, more prosperous world. This means a more productive life too.

Add my personal experience with education, common sense, and powerful intuition, then stir into the mix, my studies in graphology, energy and the healing arts, NLP, dreamwork and divine guidance from above, and you have a skilled and knowledgeable teacher that can help you to achieve your dreams and desires.

If your focus is dietary, then I focus on creating a program that's made just for you and your lifestyle. Depending on what it is you wish to achieve, such as weight loss, muscle tone, sugar balance, better digestion and elimination, decreasing depression and/or increased energy I customize a program for you. In addition, I encourage the use of vitamins and herbs that will be fast, easy and effective in your particular case.

Disclaimer: In no way am I diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing, preventing, or caring for "disease" in any way or manner whatsoever. Clearly understand that "diagnosis" or treatment of any kind is outside the scope and practice of Natural Health and Life Science and must be taken up with your doctor.

I freely exchange the term client and student when referring to the people that I help because they are both.



Taking the natural path to one's health and physical - emotional well-being is my personal motto, and it is what naturopathy is all about. Health is achieved through the foods we consume, the amount of exercise our bodies get, the quality of sleep we get each night, as well as the thoughts we think and the words we speak. Yes, the outside much match what's happening on the inside both in thought and food.

I have studied and practiced natural and energy medicine for over 25 years. The effectiveness and gentleness of energy medicine is amazing. And it reminds us that we are more than just the physical.

Complimentary Medicine blends what is deemed conventional (allopathic) medicine with natural medicine to achieve the highest results. Because of personally going through a 10-year cancer experience and, at times, using complimentary medicine, I know what works and doesn't work when undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, recovering from surgeries, taking medications and other serious illnesses.

Natural Hygiene Diet
There are many different types of diet and food plans. Natural hygiene is one of the more radical plans. "NATURAL HYGIENE maintains that health is the personal responsibility of each individual, and that vibrant health is achieved only by the conscientious application of healthful living practices in all areas of one's life." (Victoria Bidwell 1991) I was originally trained in natural hygiene prior to getting my naturopathic degree. Plus I have the knowledge and experience with other dietary plans such as macrobiotics, raw food and more.

The underlying basis of Natural Hygiene is that the body is self-cleansing, self-healing and self-maintaining. There are many different factors that I take in consideration when working with a client.

Raw Food/Vegan
There is a big difference between eating raw and vegan. Raw food is vegan, but vegan is not raw. Vegan is dairy-free, animal-free and egg-free, basically devoid of all animal products. Important note: Vegan does not mean gluten-free or wheat-free.

Raw foods are foods that have not been heated over 110o to 140o so that the natural nutrients and enzymes are not destroyed. The raw food diet primarily consists of fruits, vegetables, coconut, nuts and some grains that have been sprouted. Fortunately for us there are a lot of great books on preparing raw food. If you are interested, give me a call or email me.

Cleansing, Detoxing & Fasting is something that I have learned very well through the years through my own personal experience. And I have taught and monitored many an individual in how to cleanse the body, whether it is parasites, kidney stones, gallstones or cleaning out the colon. Maintaining our health through the cleansing of our bodies is crucial for staying young, active and vibrant.

Energy Medicine/Reiki/Pranic Healing

Energy Medicine is extremely fascinating and very powerful. Every culture and religion, in every part of the world, has many methods of healing through energy medicine. We are energy beings in addition to bones, muscles, blood, etc., so combining energy medicine with other modalities is a win-win for all. Fortunately, I have trained in many of these modalities from Reiki, Ho'oponopono, Pranic Healing, Zarlen, Barbara Brennan's work, Sacred Meditation, Access, Brain Balancing and much more.


FYI: Energy medicine can and does assist in healing the physical body too. Why? Because all disease starts in the energy field first.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
For years I have used EFT in my practice as well as personally. The beautiful part of using EFT is that anyone can learn it within minutes and begin applying it to any challenge to relieve years of longstanding emotional trauma that has locked itself into the tissue of the body. If you wish to learn more call or email me, or you can go to Gary Craig's website:

As an added help I have put in a youtube link of one of the better instructions for EFT:

You can also download the long version instructions, just click here.

Brain Balancing
There are a handful of ways to assist in balancing the brain. Most of the other modalities are with the use of a biofeedback machine. Even though there are positive results with the biofeedback machine, hands on touch has been my preferred style. This particular technique I have personal developed over the last ten years. Here is a recent testimony:

"Beth, I want to thank you so much for bringing brain balancing to my knowledge and awareness. I've long known that some therapists and specialists have extraordinarily special "healing hands" that stand out among their colleagues. I've met a couple of professionals who do some type of energy work and are especially gifted in that area, but never had experienced the calm that comes to the mind almost immediately during the new process of brain balancing that you perform. Thank you, thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with me, it has made a big difference!! You are appreciated!" CR, Real Estate Broker, Austin, TX

Body Scanning/Medical Intuitive is a person that has the ability to see into the body without the use of x-ray or CT scans using intuitive abilities. The development of my medical intuitive skills were honed in while going through a 10-year cancer experience. My doctor would say, "keep an eye on things and let me know if there are any changes." What I didn't realize initially was that I was had unconsciously began scanning my body.

One day while at the grocery store, I blurted out, "Oh my gosh, do you see what's wrong with his liver." The person with me had not a clue on what I was talking about. Then it seemed that anyone I looked at would show me what was happening on the inside.

Angels are very real, and they are everywherewatching us, helping us and encouraging us. Each time I work with a client I enlist the help of their angels. Why? Because our angels are pure love and wish for the very best for us. Angelicmessages are for each of us to experience daily. I have a list of archangels and how they along with a video for you to watch 

Correction Prayers are something that I learned through Ho'oponopono when I studied with Dr. Hew Len in California. The basic principle is to go inside and correct the part within that consciously or unconsciously holds responsibility of some sort for unwanted outward (or inward) condition. This can even be simply the challenges that another person is going through - meaning you don't have to know the person to apply this tool.

The Seminole Indians believed in this power of holding a part of another's problem. If they had a dream in which there were unkind words or any sort of conflict with another tribesman, that when they awoke they'd go to that person and apologize for their part.

Psychic Readings/Tarot is a method in which I help my clients in seeking help with their current challenge. Psychic abilities is considered paranormal, which means against or contrary to normal. I hope you know that there is nothing against normal in a reading or using tarot cards. If a person is afraid of tarot, I don't use them. And I am always working with the angels when reading.

Everyday people are using their psychic abilities, but unfortunately for most the channel is scrambled. Because of this disconnect within one's own self is often why a reading is sought out. A really good test to prove you are psychic and the channels are scrambled is: Have you ever argued with yourself and wound up on the losing end of your own argument? Bingo! You weren't listening that 7th sense, a.k.a as higher self.


What is Tarot? The tarot (/'tæro?/; first known as "trionfi" and later as tarocchi, tarock, and others) is a pack of cards (usually numbering 78), used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play a group of card games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot. From the late 18th century until the present time the tarot has also found use by mystics for divination as well as a map of mental and spiritual pathways.

Clairvoyance means "clear vision" in French, and a clairvoyant is someone that has the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through extrasensory perception, which means other than the six known human senses. To me this 7th sense is really like the hub of wheel and it needs the other 6 senses to work together so that the 7th sense can be easily assessed. In obtaining information for my clients I am assisted through my gift of clairvoyance.

Past Lives/Reincarnation - The word reincarnation means "to enter flesh again" in Latin. The thoughts, theories, and beliefs of reincarnation has existed though out the many cultures and religions across the continents. It would take a lifetime to study everything there is on reincarnation no matter what any naysayers my say. A easy place to start is actually through