Cancellation Policy:

Yes, I have a 24-hour notice required or full payment is due for the appointed time scheduled.

Do you accept credit cards: Yes, all major credit cards accepted!
Hours of Operation:

Appointments are 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. CST.
Closed Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas & when traveling for business or personal.

What are your fees?  There are many options:

15-Minute introductory consult is $45; and

I also offer a sliding scale range (ask for details) after my initial consultation fee of $333; and there is a friend’s and family plan for those that wish to roll up their sleeves and make some serious positive changes.

The House Clearing and Blessings is a set fee and it is $777. This includes pre-consultation to determine the severity of the situation, a secondary session to do the clearing, and a 1-hr. follow-up within one week following the clearing to ascertain if all is good. Plus a CD and small gift will be mailed f r e e of charge to help you to keep it clear of discarnates and negative thought entities.

If you live within 45 minutes of Austin, there is no additional charge to come out to your property. If you live further out, the consults and clearings will be by phone.

Do you have forms someone needs to fill out? Yes, and I will email it to you so it can be filled out prior to your appointment.

What I can expect during a session? Working with clients, I scan the various layers and dimensions of the energy field and etherical bodies. By doing this I am able to see what's going on in and around the body that needs attention. Many times one's angels, spirit guides, and sponsors will provide me with information to relay back to you.

With my intuitive abilities, I follow the course of chaos within a student's mind and body until I reach the root of the discord. Once the life path has been outlined, clients are able to see, hear and know, through the eyes, ears and heart of their true self, their higher self.

I believe it's important for my clients to start understanding where some of their thought patterns and files began. And how these thoughts have controlled, dominated and manipulated them. Once the patterns are recognized, then they can be released, no longer having power over them. This allows for the creation of a new, happier, healthier, enlightened and, hopefully, more prosperous world. This means a more productive life too.

Add my personal experience with education, common sense, and powerful intuition, then stir into the mix, my studies in graphology, energy and the healing arts, NLP, dreamwork and divine guidance from above, and you have a skilled and knowledgeable teacher that can help you to achieve your dreams and desires.

If your focus is dietary, then I focus on creating a program that's made just for you and your lifestyle. Depending on what it is you wish to achieve, such as weight loss, muscle tone, sugar balance, better digestion and elimination, decreasing depression and/or increased energy I customize a program for you. In addition, I encourage the use of vitamins and herbs that will be fast, easy and effective in your particular case.

Do I have any angels? Do they have names? How can I talk to them? When are they around me?

I feel like I have black cloud following me because nothing good comes my way. Why does this always happen to me? Can it be stopped?

I believe in miracles for others, but not for me. Help!

The doctors say I have to just live with this condition, is this true? Is there any hope?

Will I always be depressed? Why can't I sleep?

Why do I chose bad relations? How can I stop the abuse? Can I change another person? How can I be heard?

I'm going through a divorce, help. Someone very close to me died. What do I do? Are they around me? How do I communicate with them?

Who am I? I'm lost. Does anyone care?

I think I have a ghost in house. How can I get rid of it? How can I talk to it?

I freely exchange the term client and student when referring to the people that I help because they are both.


In no way am I diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing, preventing, or caring for "disease" in any way or manner whatsoever. Clearly understand that "diagnosis" or treatment of any kind is outside the scope and practice of Natural Health and Life Science and must be taken up with your doctor.