Blue Magnolia Body Wash, Where it Came From and Why It’s Important To Use

Blue Magnolia Body Wash Do you occasionally wish for things to manifest faster in your life? Do you have any desires to increase prosperity, opportunity, get a new job, have more clients, ease tensions, sleep better, create more loving relationships with your family and/or in your world? These are some of the things that have happened to people who are already using my Blue Magnolia body wash. BMW for short! This lovely smelling blend of oils came together to help us cut cords and clean our energy from what we’ve picked up during our day. When we clean all that

COVID-19, Need to Know & What to Do?

First, we must fully understand what COVID-19 is, and how to protect oneself during these times of isolation. Greg Braden is a well-known author and scientist. He gives a very practical, and easy explanation of this unique virus: Staying calm and getting some deep sleep during this trial are super important for maintaining sanity and health. Consider it a time to catch up on rest and begin a daily exercise routine. What is most amazing is how quickly mother earth is showing signs of recovery from the daily pollutants removed that was wearing out our precious planet. Nutritionally, eat

Christmas Blessing, Recipes and More

December 23, 2009 – raw apple crisp, yummmmmmm! In this issue: Christmas Blessing Great Last Minute Gift Ideas Need More Energy? Raw Apple Crisp Beautiful Beings of Light: With this Christmas season I wish each of you will embrace the magnificence of wonder, splendor, peace, love and prosperity. Take a deep breath and read this again, and with each breath re-read it again until you feel it and believe it as truth. Why? Because each of you are a Blessed Divine Child of the Most High and Perfect in Every Way. And it is time for anything unlike your uniqueness

Knowing Our Kabbalistic Cycle Helps in All Areas of Life

Almost everyone wants to know a simple step to make life a bit easier. Understanding the cycles that we all go through does help us to plan each year. For example, on July 30th I had to undergo two surgeries on the same day. First surgery was the removal of a large basal cell carcinoma, and second surgery face reconstruction around the left eye. If I had gone in when the doctor wanted me to, it wouldn’t be in the best time for me. By waiting just one week, I was in my Jupiter cycle that guaranteed success. Both surgeons

Abundant Living

ABUNDANT LIVING On any given day, we find ourselves wanting more time to get everything done, more sleep, to be loved and appreciated more along with extra money and better health. Each of our wishes have some of the same things in common, and conquering one thing in our life can make it easier to accomplish many other areas of life too. Living abundantly and being more prosperous always must begin with a state of mind. Our thoughts, words and deeds must be on the same page. This workshop will lay a healthier foundation so we can begin to see

Benefits of Bergamot EO

Did you know that Bergamot essential oil has over 10 amazing benefits? Bergamot is from Italy and is a citrus plus it aids in the prevention of infections including treating malaria in Italy, relieving depression, reducing pain, accelerating healing, aiding digestion, helpful in eliminating infections in the colon, intestines, kidneys and urinary tract, BUT did you know that it disinfects the skin and improves overall skin health. One or two drops can be added to a mouth wash to clear up gingivitis, and it is that special ingredient in Earl Grey tea. Since pain heightens our anxiety and often reduces

Essential Oils, Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine is wonderful and fascinating. You can eat some plants, you can make medicine with other plants flowers through teas, tinctures, flower essences and essential oils. Today I’m opting to go over four essential oils that can be a bit confusing because they are so close in name. Helichrysum Gymnocephalum and Helichrysum Italicum are amazing in assisting us in health, and they each have different directions in which they help us. Gymnocophalum is used PRIMARILY for lungs and respiratory system, clearing congestion, and arouse the senses as an aphrodisiac. Play with running a diffuser for 30 minutes before bed

Three Light Rays

Three Light Rays By Beth Carpenter, Naturopathic Doctor: The emotional environment today is divided. It’s been talked about from almost every family member, friend and news source. Can we do something different? Yes, and we must come from a different place of awareness.   A rainbow is made up of many colors. Individually the colors can be pretty, but combined the colors are magnificent. There are color rays on the etheric realm too. These rays of light tie into aspects of truth, yes, and within the rays of truth are multiple layers of truth.   This is really a large

Ray 3 – Ray of Love – The Anchor for All Other Rays

The Anchor for all Other Rays We have covered briefly the 1st and 2nd Rays: Will and Wisdom. Now we learn from the Cosmic LOVE (Pink) ray because Will and Wisdom, without Love…our life and world will be crazy. Oops did I say something that is already happening? Okay, let’s move forward through LOVE! With Cosmic love we have an increased level of calmness. We learn tolerance, harmony and gratitude within. What we learn inwardly, we will express outwardly without our community. Love is the supreme source of LIFE. Love completes a trinity that resides each of our hearts. Pink

Ray 2: The Ray of Wisdom – Kuthumi, Jesus and Archangel Jophiel

Illumination and Discernment is a ray we can all use a bit more of because it helps to increase a consciousness (Yay!). It’s a beautiful golden yellow in color. Who are the angels and ascended beings? And what are their role? Kuthumi and Jesus Archangel Jophiel Elohim Cassiopeia Chohan Lanto Ascended Master Kuthumi along with Beloved Master Jesus are considered World Leaders. They help every race and nation to better understand one another with a kind and loving heart. What is necessary is learning to listen to the small still voice that is humble and wise. As the saying goes,