Twice a year I travel to Denver for a Body, Mind, Spirit Expo. Each year my lectures are different, and they always include a special healing for all present.
The ability to reach out and connect helps us to have a deeper bond with Divine Source, the Great Omni Presence, God. In addition, it is an exchange of energy, a form of spiritual tithing. (I will share more on tithing soon)
Taking just a few minutes breathing in an essential oil and connecting with the plant deva before starting a meditation or prayer will radically increase the results of all your endeavors and especially if there is a single focus.
The oils I’ll mention are Mugwort and Clary Sage, but the technique will be the same with any essential oil (EO) that you use.
Mugwort is an EO that I love. First off, when applied directly to the chakras, it will gently cleanse and stretch them. Mugwort stimulates almost all functions of the body. Through inhalation you can reach a point of laughter because relaxes the mind and body without putting you to sleep. This is why it has been used to calm down epileptic and hysteric attacks when they occur. Also, Mugwort helps us to be more open to prosperity and opportunities.
Clary Sage relieves depression, calms the central nervous system and can even reduce cravings with addictions. Also helps lower blood pressure, reduce convulsions and seizures and even cramps. Clary Sage helps with uterine problems and is even used as aphrodisiac. On the esoteric levels, we become more spiritually grounded, meaning trusting Source.
So how does the breathing technique go? There will be a more thorough explanation during a webinar/Zoom class in a couple of weeks. I will announce the date next week.
General Technique: Open a bottle of essential oil and hold the oil in your dominant hand. Begin taking long, slow inhalations, pause for a few seconds before slowly exhaling. Take 4 to 5 breaths. Next hold the bottle to your heart, close your eyes, and give loving thanks to the plant for its service.
E.g., “Thank you Mugwort for your service to Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants! I love you and thank you for helping me at this time.” (Use your words, but get lovey-dovey).
Next repeat taking long, slow inhalations, pause for a few seconds before slowly exhaling. Take 4 to 5 breaths.
Most people notice a difference in smell and how they feel. They realize that somehow they went deeper into a peaceful state.
Begin using this technique, preferably daily, and please share your findings. You will be pleasantly blessed!

Peace, Love and Beautiful Blessings,

Beth Carpenter


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