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Season’s Greetings this November!

‘I try to show Reverence to All Things’ ~ Hafiz


Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and the focus is on Gratitude. Being in gratitude is also being in reverence whether you celebrate holidays or not. Many people are finding it more difficult to find that inner joy because just turning our phones on are filled with angry and negative new feeds.

Let’s start by making a cup of chamomile tea, hot chocolate, Yerba Mate blend, CBD or Blue Lotus.

Judging, gossiping and buying into negative news tears our flesh energetically and this will hurt our physical body and person we are speaking badly about too. If you’re watching garbage, practice blessing the victim, the violator and blessing yourself in the witnessing of it. A prime example is the craziness bashing Meghan Markle. Do you really want to waste your energy sending out that negativity?

Maybe send out holiday cards or gratitude cards… Everything these days is text messaging, but many of us prefer a card. Stick a note of gratitude into your neighbor’s mailbox, leave a warm muffin in the mailbox for your mail carrier, donate to the different food banks in your area, rake the leaves of a elderly neighbor, donate anonymously to a non-profit where 100% of the moneys go to the cause.

This list will get longer over the coming weeks.

One of things I love to do is make soups and non-dairy chowders and veggie pies in gluten free crusts for neighbors, friends and family.

Think about what drives you?


Yummy Yerba Mate Tea –

An alternative to coffee you can drink hot or cold:

Almond or Coconut Milk (to taste)

approx. 1 tsp to 1 TBLS Coconut oil or coconut meat or puree

1 heaping TBSP MACA

1 TBSP Lucuma

1 tsp. Guarana (optional)

Kava (optional)

 2 TBSP. Hemp Seeds

1 TBSP milled FLAX seeds

Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg (to taste)

Banana (optional)

Hazelnut Coconut Creamer


Gift Idea:

Spritzer Gift Bag – $45

This gift bag includes:

2 oz. Blemish Goodbye: is a great facial toner, and men’s aftershave, plus it works so very well on healing past emotional hurts! In addition to the face, spray on the back of the neck, the center of the back and over the solar plexus.

2 oz. Collect Thyself spritzer: helps us when feeling scattered. Spray the top of your head and without touching your hair, comb out into the air with your fingers in all directions. Channel your inner mermaid or viking and feel your centering return.

4 oz. Protection Thine: is our go-to spray for anywhere, anytime, and for anything. Use as a destresser, facial toner, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, room refresher, and especially as happy family spray, etc…

Plus FREE BONUS – 1 oz. travel size Protection Thine!



Health safety tip, especially for holiday flying:

Dip the tip of a Q-Tip into some olive, coconut or jojoba oil and swab the inside of the nasal passages. This adds a thin protective layer that moistens the sometimes dry and cracked nasal membrane during the winter months. This same protective layer helps to reduce the airborne pollutants that are inhaled. I’ve used this for years when I know I’m going to board a plane. I’ve heard many stories from those that travel during the holidays find themselves getting sick after they return. In part I think this is due to the recycled air. Take time to coat your nasal passages.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you…

May You Be Blessed Each and Every Day,


Beth Carpenter, ND

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