Mental & Emotional Health

We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.  - Jean Houston

Did you know that 85% of depression, anxiety, heart attacks, cancer, and other illnesses are emotionally based? Did you know that certain imbalances in the body can create mental and emotional chaos? And all of these things are tied back into how we handle or not handle stress.

Everyone can benefit from having a toolbox full of tools for responding to stressful events instead of the chaotic chain-reaction approach. Just a few tools I use in balancing emotions is through EFT, emotional freedom technique, Trinfinity 8, and All For You Coaching.

I have studied and practiced EFT personally and professionally for nine (9) years now.

Some of ways EFT can be used:

Eliminating Chocolate addiction
Fear of dogs
Cigarette smoking
Let go of the emotional pain of molestation
Fear of heights
Improve Spelling
Lose weight
Staying focused

Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer, was the founder of EFT. It is a simple and very effective tool in releasing the emotions out of the memory banks that are held in the cells of one's body. Results are achieved within moments instead of a lifetime of therapy. You can learn more through Gary Craig's website,

Remember if you're not working with someone who can see the whole picture, you're not getting all that you need.

Another modality for healing hidden emotional blocks and mental barriers is through Trifinity 8.

Here's a link to some videos by Dr. Kathy Forti and about the Trinfinity 8: Life is truly amazing and we are so closely connected whether we know it or not. A woman by the name of Peg called to set up an appointment with me. She was surfing the internet and found my site. Peg felt she needed to work with me since she had heard my interview on using T-8.  She then shared that she is a T-8 owner too. Based on hearing the interview, she had followed a pain relief protocal I had put together to help one of her friends. She was so very gracious to share this testimonial with me, and I now share it with you.
Intense Pain Remote Healing:
Accident happened Friday, November 23rd

"I'm afraid I had a little "accident" and it's keeping me "laid up (down! is more like it)...  I injured my shoulder on Friday evening when putting my luggage up in the overhead bin.  Didn't think it was that bad until Saturday, but it appears like I tore some tendons or have a pinched nerve or something.  I can't get into a chiropractor until Wednesday morning!!!!  Meanwhile, I'm in a lot of pain, even with pain relievers, I'm to the point where icing and heating isn't working either.   Errr.  Since I woke up this morning at 4am from the pain, I may have to resort to something else besides waiting for the chiro tomorrow.  Anyway....I'm struggling.  Work isn't helping either."  This is the result: (from original email)  As you can see by the time (4:38am!), I wrote it to you while I was completely in the moment.  I truly feel like this was a miracle! Peg...with the extent of pain I was in, there is no way I should've been able to move my arm/shoulder for at least 5 more days, according to the chiro that I had visited earlier that day...It seems like some ssswoooop of energy came in and relieved me. In my "knowingness", I really believe this healing was a result of BIG T8 energy!!! My heart feels excited when I so vividly remember this moment!!"
This is from another T-8 owner and her story: Macular Degeneration from Cindy R. in Ohio. My 93 yeard old grandmother is blind from Macular Degneration and my mother has also lost enough of her eyesight in the last few years that she no longer drives at night. I have been doing eye protocols on her for several months. Her physician is amazed as she has made progress each visit.  But the most amazing thing is that her "good" eye is starting to improve and she now has her full visual field. She's gone from 20/40 to 20/25! Her doctors didn't believe it and double checked the results a few times, and sent her off with a new prescription for her glasses. Of course, her optometrist didn't believe it, rechecked the results, acknowledged the test results, but denied that it was possible, and refused to change her prescription. Needless to say, she is getting her glasses elsewhere, somewhere where they don't know her history so they can't disbelieve the current status of her vision.  My little sister (who thinks I'm crazy and that the T8 is weird) is the one who drives my Mom to her eye appointments. Just this week she asked me if I could do a protocol for her 🙂

This is from a newsletter I sent out on how my eyesight changed after using the Trinfinity 8:  Is Eyesight Important to You?I don't know about you, but personally improving my vision both outwardly (how I physically see) and inwardly (my third eye and my belief about the world around me) has been a primary focus for many years now.

Just to provide some background information, I had been wearing glasses and/or contacts since the fourth grade. Back in 1999 I went through lasix surgery. Since then, there have been times when I needed to implement eye exercises for a period of 30 days while also increasing certain teas and herbal supplements to increase my vision health.

This last round began late fall of 2011 and continued through spring of 2012, so it was obviously more than 30 days. I had found an optometrist that was more holistic and had studied with Jacob Lieberman. Through her I had purchased Jacob Lieberman's light machine. Twenty years earlier I had searched for it, but he had not completed his development of it. These exercises with the light machine continued 5 days a week for 12 weeks. Then I followed it with exercises using prism glasses for 20 minutes a day - crazy fun. Couldn't walk a straight line with these on for at least 2 weeks.

Anyhow, through the years I pretty much knew all the supplements that were good for eye health, the different eye exercises and eye washes, and had even attended a sports training faculty that had a special eye training program for athletes. With each thing that I did to improve my vision, my eyesight did improve, but for a short period of time only.

By spring of 2012 I knew it was time to just go ahead and buy a pair of glasses. I had stopped driving at night, so time with friends had come almost to a halt. And when looking at an object I would see a translucent double in addition to a slightly blurry object - Yuck.

I took my vision prescription over to mall to order the glasses. Got some really cute ones to wear for driving at night only. I was thrilled to have them especially right before leaving for a business trip to Denver. The glasses were a Godsend when leaving the conference faculty that first evening. Yahoo for seeing clearly!

Throughout these months of working on improving my vision I was also researching a software program called Trinfinity 8, which helps a person heal by numbers. Yes, you read this correctly. Simply stated: mathematical algorithms move into us correcting what needs fixing.

I was fascinated and tested it in a group setting, one on one session and remotely. With each test Trinfinity 8 (T-8) was given an A+ in my book because I noticed results immediately meaning when I ran the tummy tone I could feel my stomach muscles move. Believe me my tummy is slimming down. Yay!

Okay now back to my vision. With everything I was doing, I found that I was still struggling with the night blindness and translucent doubles.

Through one testimonials a woman who had had trouble with translucent doubles and triples since childhood. She had run golden light to the pineal with the T-8. So I decided to take the plunge and add Trinfinity 8 into my office. Guess what was the first program I ran on myself when it arrived? You got it! Yes, the golden light to the pineal. Wow! What a difference in my eyes. They felt truly stable. I even put together a complete "Eye Strength" protocol to help my eyes further.

Remember the glasses that I had purchased? I've only worn them 4 times. Three out of the four times was before the T-8 arrived and once was the day after it arrived. It doesn't matter whether it's day or night, or whether I'm sitting in a theater - I SEE CLEARLY. Am I thrilled I bought the glasses? Yes, because I had them when I needed them, and if I do need them in the future, I have them.

So a little about T-8, Dr. Kathy Forti is the woman that following a near death experience was guided by masters to bring forth what is believed to be Atlantean technology to help us quantum leap forward in health of mind and body while assisting our spiritual bodies to align with our higher self.

Since taking the plunge and adding the T-8 to my office I've seen anxiety disappear, cysts dissolve, pain go away, hot flashes stop, vision improve, and experiencing the joy of deep sleep.......

Yes, I know this sounds WooWoo, and that's okay. You don't have to understand it the inner workings for you to get results. If you wish to experience it, next Thursday June 21st from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., I am offering a group healing evening. The cost is love donation. These group healing evenings are always on Thursdays, but just once a month - sometimes twice.

Most of the time it is held at my office, but sometimes at a different location too. So please confirm that you are attending, how many are in your party, and I'll let you know where it will be held.

Next week the newsletter will be on natural internal healing for the eyes, and then the following week on natural healing for external eyecare. I'll even go over some eye exercises too.

Peace, Love, Health and Abundant Blessings,