Many years ago I was teaching a couple of UT Informal classes on Forgiveness and part of this class had to do with thought forms and how they control us.
One of the examples I gave was when we watch the news. Maybe as we are listening to the details of a horrible crime, we immediately experience sadness or sorrow for the victim of the crime, and we can equally feel anger, shock, or horror towards the violator. At that moment, the thought forms have anchored in and are controlling us.
Neither of these emotions feels good, they eat away at us, attacking body and mind. Without realizing the hold it has on us, we might get a stomachache, and/or lash out at someone we care about, or a complete stranger. This is scary stuff.
If we begin to practice the art of compassion while sending prayers to help those in need, there is the possibility to change the mindset of violator while giving strength and peace to the victim. The benefit is we begin to think more clearly, and make better decisions without being weighted down by fear, sadness, and anger or hatred.
There is no way to think clearly until we can stop, catch ourselves when our thoughts have gone astray, and realign with a clearer, compassionate awareness. What can we do to become better at this? Each night take a few minutes and review your day. Ask: What did I do well? And what needed improvement? And don’t beat yourself up.
Thought forms are one of the driving forces for the development of my product line. If I could assist an individual to be healthier through lessening stress by simply using super charged vegan skincare, SKINCARE WITH A HIGHER PURPOSE, then SO BE IT!
Peace, Love and Blessings,