COVID-19, Need to Know & What to Do?

First, we must fully understand what COVID-19 is, and how to protect oneself during these times of isolation. Greg Braden is a well-known author and scientist. He gives a very practical, and easy explanation of this unique virus:

Staying calm and getting some deep sleep during this trial are super important for maintaining sanity and health. Consider it a time to catch up on rest and begin a daily exercise routine. What is most amazing is how quickly mother earth is showing signs of recovery from the daily pollutants removed that was wearing out our precious planet.

Nutritionally, eat as clean as possible, like more salads and/or steamed veggies. Plus, we must boost our immune system, which I’ve been teaching for years. Increase vitamin C to 2000-3000 mg. a day; this is a low dosage, but sufficient to do the job. My fav is Trace Mineral packets that has 1200 mg. of C per packet along with other nutrients; another choice is Emergen-C.

In addition, Deep Health through Herbs, Etc. or My Community by Host Defense has blends that have multiple forms of medicinal mushrooms along with adaptagens, which shield the body from stress. The standard dose is 1 dropperful or gel-cap twice per day. During these times taking it 4 times a day I’ve found works best. This is the dosage that me and my husband are taking, and we’ll continue this for a period of 100 days along with low doses of zinc.

Strengthening our respiratory system is mega important. Resprin is an ayurvedic blend that wise pulmonary doctors use in the office to improve, repair and strengthen the lungs. The dosage on the bottle is 6 capsules per day – 2 capsules, three times a day. Of course, you can take more if you think you need it. I DO CARRY THIS IN MY OFFICE FOR $28 A BOTTLE (90-caps.)

If you don’t have a diffuser, get one, they’re very inexpensive. Essential oils that can be useful are cajeput, pine, rosalinda, thieves or robbers, camphor. DON’T USE PEPPERMINTS of any kind around children under the age of 5 since it too harsh on their little lungs.

Remember I work remotely all the time, so doing healings and readings, so it’s no biggy for me to help while in isolation. During sessions, I offer PRANIC healings for specifically strengthening the immune system against the coronavirus.  And if you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, I have a healing protocol for that too. Plus, I will educate you on strengthening your immune system with the use of natural plant based wisdom and essential oils.

PLUS, ALL that schedule an 1-hour+ consult from now through the end of April, will receive a free bottle of Protection Thine, which is an awesome hand sanitizer and anxiety reducing spritzer that you can use anywhere, anytime, for anything. Whether you just love the smell or wish to feel more peaceful or use it on your hands, GREAT, it works!

Anyone who places of product order of $35 or more between now and the end of April will receive a free 1-oz. spritzer bottle of CCC Sanitizer. The oils in it are Rosemary Camphor, Cajeput and Cypress.

More later….Blessings to each of you…