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Entity Bliss is a very powerful audible for the purpose of clearing anxiety, homes, properties and vehicles from negative energy and ghosts. YouTube link below.


Entity Bliss is extremely powerful both in video and audible form using fractals, crystal bowls and prayers specifically targeting the clearing of anxiety, negative thoughts and emotions, and ghosts. It assists in clearing homes, businesses, properties and vehicles. This audible was collaboration with Beth Carpenter, Martin Wennerstrom (Video 1 Unit), Paul Hubbert ( incorporating his crystal singing bowls and Beth’s prayers from different cultures for a thorough clearing.

There is a beautiful peacefulness to this very powerful clearing. Please use it for seven consecutive days, then once a week. The best part is you can even have the volume all the way down and it will still clean house. Play it during family reunions, holiday parties, and much more.

Find it on YouTube here: Entity Bliss 2019

Suggested Use: Play at least 3 times in a row for 7 days straight.