Blue Magnolia Body Wash, Where it Came From and Why It’s Important To Use

Blue Magnolia Body Wash

Do you occasionally wish for things to manifest faster in your life? Do you have any desires to increase prosperity, opportunity, get a new job, have more clients, ease tensions, sleep better, create more loving relationships with your family and/or in your world? These are some of the things that have happened to people who are already using my Blue Magnolia body wash. BMW for short!

This lovely smelling blend of oils came together to help us cut cords and clean our energy from what we’ve picked up during our day. When we clean all that glop off regularly, it allows for more exquisite things to manifest in our life. And they really do!

MAGNOLIA: calming, soothing, lifting the spirit, inspiring personal growth, renewal plus new beginnings.
CYPRESS: stops diarrhea in the body and mind, quiets the mind to cast aside worries, so we can enjoy the thrill that comes with being alive.
COPAIBA: helps with self-forgiveness while clearing lower emotions. Establishes faith & trust that Divine will reveal higher messages of one’s life.
RUE: cuts cords, antidote to poison (even emotional poisons), calms nervous disturbances, afflictions, convulsions and nervous hyperactivity.
ROMAN CHAMOMILE: calming, reduces anger, irritation and annoyance, especially in small children.
MOROCCAN CHAMOMILE: comforting, relieves tension, soothes dry skin.
GERMAN CHAMOMILE: tones the stomach, meaning it helps with cleansing the solar plexus.
HIMALAYAN SOLÉ: seriously cleanses the physical and spiritual body.
VEGAN SOAP BASE: natural, organic soap base made from saponified organic oils of Coconut and Sunflower. Suitable for sensitive skin.

The body wash goes farther and lathers better with a loofah. Just drizzle a little bit and then scrub all over your body – from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and between the toes… then rinse. To help you notice how you feel and think start an appreciation journal. Wonderfulness starts happening in life.