Knowing Our Kabbalistic Cycle Helps in All Areas of Life

Almost everyone wants to know a simple step to make life a bit easier. Understanding the cycles that we all go through does help us to plan each year. For example, on July 30th I had to undergo two surgeries on the same day. First surgery was the removal of a large basal cell carcinoma, and second surgery face reconstruction around the left eye. If I had gone in when the doctor wanted me to, it wouldn’t be in the best time for me. By waiting just one week, I was in my Jupiter cycle that guaranteed success. Both surgeons were ecstatically happy on how well I’ve done!
So, what is this Kabbalistic Cycle? Here’s the basics of it: Every 52 days we are in a different cycle. My birthday is December 7th, so let’s use it as a baseline. From December 7th through January 30th I’m in my Sun cycle, the second 52 days is the Moon cycle, third cycle is Mars, fourth cycle is Mercury, then Jupiter, Venus and Saturn cycles.
Everyone goes through 52 days of Saturn leading up to their birthdays. For me this is a good time to do a cleanse, meditate more, be of service more to my community, and do deep cleaning on my home, car, etc. Never try to start a business or make any big decisions like surgery during a Saturn cycle.
Example: New client called and her life was turned upside down with divorce, moving, car wreck, family death, etc. When I asked her birth date, guess what? She had been dealing with all of this during Saturn. Yikes. If we go into each cycle consciously, we move through with more ease and success to.
Quick rundown there are seven cycles that we ALL go through each and every year:
Sun cycle begins on our birth date. Sun period is a good time to ask for favors, start a new business or project.
Moon cycle is great for short term deals or transactions and business related to liquids.
Mars period, military business (getting down to biz), increasing passion in a relationship (be careful this could also have to do with an affair), start a new business or project, and increasing physical activity.
Mercury helps with communication, marketing, selling and legal activities. Mars was physical, Mercury is MENTAL ACTIVITY.
Jupiter is super great for starting a business or project, increasing prosperity and success (surgery).
Venus cycle is a time for experiencing a lot of JOY, sexual affairs (maybe just read a romance book or two), and retirement.
Saturn is about creative destruction, drastic changes, negative karma manifesting, endings/terminations and spirituality. With spirituality, if you enter into Saturn consciously: prayers, meditation, service, you get through it with greater ease.
Take time to figure out your Kabbalistic cycle, and then figure it our for partners, children and friends. Each year mark your calendar with the cycles and then plan what you can for each 52 days.
The book listed below is about the cycles, and some believe this gives us additional wisdom and a path for wealth. Maybe yes and maybe something easier and greater. There is nothing about this that is occult (even though the book says otherwise), this is pure science and super easy to understand and follow.
Kabbalistic Cycles & Mastery of Life
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