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Christmas Blessing, Recipes and More

December 23, 2009 – raw apple crisp, yummmmmmm! In this issue: Christmas Blessing Great Last Minute Gift Ideas Need More Energy? Raw Apple Crisp Beautiful Beings of Light: With this Christmas season I wish each of you will embrace the magnificence of wonder, splendor, peace, love and prosperity. Take a deep breath and read this again, and with each breath re-read it again until you feel it and believe it as truth. Why? Because each of you are a Blessed Divine Child of the Most High and Perfect in Every Way. And it is time for anything unlike your uniqueness

Traveling to Peru, Machu Picchu

Hola, All you Beautiful, Beings of Light: First of all, “Happy 4th of July!” The day of our independence seemed to happen quickly since just a few days ago I returned from a 10-day trip to Peru. I was traveling with 78 other people from our church plus a few others from other churches. Wow! What an amazing trip. Every second seemed to be packed with a tour, spiritual ceremony and meditation. Peru has been a trip I’ve desired to take for over a decade, and finally it happened. Yea! We began our journey in Lima at the San Agustin

Helichrysum, Using the Essential Oil

Hola! All you Beautiful, Beings of Light: Summer is here….and it has begun with lots of rain here in Austin, TX Helichrysum, Using the Essential Oil In this newsletter I am sharing information on Helichrysum Essential Oil. This wonderful plant is as special as Frankincense and Lavender. Soldiers and warriors in days gone by would carry helichrysum with them into battle because of its effectiveness in healing wounds. Matter of fact, it seemed to have a consciousness of it’s own – to know when blood needs to be thinned or clot. Helichrysum has regenerating properties that assist in healthy skin

Valentine’s and Two ways to Play plus Love Me Through Creme

Hola! You Beautiful Beings: We have two special dates this week. Friday the 13th and Saturday the14th, Valentine’s Day, then 4 days after that it’s new moon time. With all this magic, make a long weekend of LOVE! How do we start? Here are two ways to play this weekend: The Twin Hearts meditation is a beautiful meditation that allows for cleansing, healing and loving of our heart and crown chakra while actively cleansing and energizing our mind and body and our beautiful planet, which includes our family and friends too. This meditation is by Grand master Choa Kok Sui.

Kava Shooters for the Holidays!

Kava Shooters for the Holidays! Chilling with Family & Friends. To All You Beautiful People! Kava Kava is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety, and restlessness. It allows everyone to have wonderful conversations, so any social anxiety will usually disappear. There are different types of kava. Kava from Fiji is stronger than kava from Maui. We have 2 locations here in Austin: Square Rut is a Kava Bar and we have 2 locations: 6000 S Congress Ave #106, Austin, TX 78745 – (512) 382-9293 Happy hour Monday evenings. Second location is off Lamar and 51st and happy hour is

Give Your Skin Extra Attention During Dry Winter Months!

Give Your Skin Extra Attention During Dry Winter Months! Easy Natural Steps to Nurture Skin. As the cooler temperatures return our skin naturally seems drier. Sometimes no matter what we put on our skin within minutes, it’s dry again. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it is referred to our third kidney. So if our skin is not staying hydrated, taking a look at ways to remedy this plus following through will help us feel better and look younger no matter what the season or climate is. What are 4 Tips Healthy Skin? 1. Better Hydration

Prostate Health & Protection Thine Testimonial

Prostate Health & Protection Thine Testimonial Do you dribble when you pee? Hola! All you Beautiful People: Twenty years ago I began making my own body care products. As I shared before, Protection Thine is a spritzer I make that clears negative and heavy energy around us and our environment. I love it because Calms, Protects, Clears and Disinfects. This is a recent personal testimonial: I was at a Holistic event. After I had completed setup of my booth space, I will walk around to see who I know that has a booth too, so we can share a hug

Healing from Depression

In Honor of my Father and Robin Williams Healing from Depression – Special Chakra Cleansing. Hola! Blessed Beings: So many people suffer from depression. Mostly a mild form of depression, and those like Robin Williams a severe depression. Robin Williams seemed to smile more than frown publically. He had the ability to make me laugh so hard, I’d be in tears. He was such a public figure that we naturally relaxed when watching anything by Robin Williams because we knew that we were seeing a real person that gave wholeheartedly and also would delightfully surprise us somehow during his performance.

Natural Ways to Improve Teeth & Gums

Dental Hygiene Health Natural Ways to Improve Teeth & Gums. To All You Beautiful People! The health of our teeth and mouth is muy importante. Strengthening our teeth and improving the condition of our gums is necessary for keeping our minds clear and our body health. Even the ancient Anasazi Indians suffered and died from dental infections around cavities and gums. As a child I was put on antibiotics ever time I sneezed. This consist bombardment of medication not only discolored my teeth, but softened them. Yes, over the years I’ve had lots of dental work, and I still have my

Sleep is Vital to Good Health

Sleep is Vital to Good Health Plus Tony the Reflexologist June 7th – April 2014 SLEEP and Consistent Regular SLEEP is Vital for Good Health Sleep is interesting, and some people say, we can sleep when were dead. I honestly know I’ve said that at least once in my life. The truth is many people struggle to get any rest at all. And if they do sleep, they wake feeling exhausted and/or irritated. Then there are those that will sleep all the time. In both scenario, there is both an emotional component and a chemical or nutritional imbalance going on.