Christmas Blessing, Recipes and More

December 23, 2009 – raw apple crisp, yummmmmmm! In this issue: Christmas Blessing Great Last Minute Gift Ideas Need More Energy? Raw Apple Crisp Beautiful Beings of Light: With this Christmas season I wish each of you will embrace the magnificence of wonder, splendor, peace, love and prosperity. Take a deep breath and read this again, and with each breath re-read it again until you feel it and believe it as truth. Why? Because each of you are a Blessed Divine Child of the Most High and Perfect in Every Way. And it is time for anything unlike your uniqueness

Breakdown of the Body

Having a Tooth Pulled! Breakdown of the Body Spring Holistic Living Expo in Salado, TX As a kid my parents should have gone ahead and pushed the issue of me getting braces on my teeth, but I didn’t want to wear them, so they didn’t push it. More than likely money was tight, so when I said no they probably were relieved. One of my lower teeth (#22) was always a non usable tooth that many a dentist cursed. The two teeth on either side of it actually met behind it. I always called it a snaggletooth. Two months before

Ghosts, Potatoes, Glutathione

Funny ghost story…yummy recipe twist for mashed potatoes In this issue: Potatoes Plus Recipe GXL – Glutathione Dear Ones: In light of the current economic times a little levity is needed. And thank goodness spirit offered this bit of humor. Let me tell you about the sheep dog ghost. A few weeks back I was attending a class in Ft. Worth specifically directed towards the history and proper use of spirit circles. The night before the event, I was awoken in the night to my dog, Hula barking viciously. The sound informed me that there was an intruder. Hula ran