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Shares information on house cleaning and includes clearing ghosts or discarnate spirits from our property.

Most people think of spring cleaning as dusting the out of reach places, scrubbing floors, getting rid of unwanted clothing, having garage sales, and planting flowers. All of those things are good to do, and it is also good to clear out those things we don’t see too. This past month I’ve done a lot of house clearings.

Just last week I did one out in the Texas hill country that was quite interesting. Oh, yes, there were a handful of entities. I always take a few minutes walking through the house. There’s always a shift you can feel in atmosphere.

In this home, the most intense energy was when we went upstairs where the guest rooms were. When we reached mid-point on the stairs the energy became heavier and my eyes focused on what appeared to me as a funeral dress for a small child that had been placed in a frame. I knew that this dress somehow held the key to her ghost situation.

After completing an entity removal, the house was clear including the upstairs except for this dress.

Again we climbed the stairs to the top floor. And we both found it difficult to breath, so I gestured that we walk into one of the rooms, sit down and think on the matter. The woman told me that there was a hidden passageway behind a bookcase that lead to the attic and she often heard voices coming from the attic, and the hidden door would pop open even though it was latched.

As her story continued, I was told that the dress was not a funeral dress, but her Easter dress and her mother had made it for her. She went on to tell me a little bit about her mother including the angry she had because of the loss of her mother, step-mother and grandmother all within just a few short years while she too was just a child.

That dress held the energy of all her mother’s pain and anger. I realized that this woman’s angels and the mother’s she had lost were attempting to get her mother to come to the light, but she was stuck somehow in the dress.

After a special clearing and blessing for her mother and calling in extra angels, we were able to breath with ease, and the dress that appeared black was now navy blue. And as I placed my hand on the glass over the dress I could feel the shift in her mother and the dress. The molecular structure of the dress was changing; it was becoming lighter and happier. Her mother’s energy had never felt so much joy. She just didn’t know that loving feeling every existed before now.

So this spring be sure to do your spring-cleaning, and know that some of the cleaning may be in what we don’t see.

Peace, Love and Blessings,


Flower Essence: Pennyroyal
This month’s newsletter is about spring-cleaning, and so is the flower essence (spring cleaning for the mind). Mountain Pennyroyal helps to bring us strength and clarity of our thoughts while improving mental integrity and positive thinking.

How do we know that there may be an imbalance? If there is an unconscious absorption of negative programming, psychic contamination and/or possession.

The normal method of taking flower essences is 4 drops under the tongue or 4 drops in a small glass of water. And continue use until bottle is empty.

If you don’t know the importance of using flower essence, please take the time to research Dr. Bach. You can also get a brief introduction in an article I wrote on flower essences (click here).

Each month I’ll feature a flower essence or essential oil.


A friend has a 7-year old grandson with a form of autism. She took her grandson to a man who removes entities and her grandson was better for a week, but then they returned again. How can such a young person get these entities and how can they be removed more permanently?


Entities (ghosts) attached quite easily to people and children especially if they are on any kind of medication. Often times people and children can be portals for entities too. The entity can influence a person’s behavior very easily. When I go into a restaurant or grocery store and I see a child crying, screaming and carrying on, I know there are probably entities attached. Within seconds of removing them, the child and the parent are happy and quiet. And my shopping experience is more enjoyable too.

Yes, they can be removed with permanence. And, yes, I teach people how to do this daily, so the grandmother may wish to learn how so her and her grandson’s life is more pleasurable.

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