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B-17 a cancer preventative and the Hunza people…

Apricot Kernels

Twentyfour years ago when I had begun that infamous ten year journey with cancer, I chewed 7-10 apricots kernels a day. They tasted bad, but I ate them anyway because they have B17 in them. A few months back I came across a company that has organic, activated, dehydrated apricot kernels. The taste was pleasant. And I loved the idea that they were organic and activated. Just so you know what I mean when I say activated: the kernels are soaked for a period of time to activate the sprouting process. Through this procedure certain enzymes are activated/released for better absorption on the body while providing a more alkalizing environment too. Personally, I eat a small handful a day.

By now many of us have heard about the Hunza people in Pakistan, who live healthy productive lives well into their 100s. They are renowned for being some of the healthiest peoples in the world and cancer is EXTREMELY rare. Of course, one of the key factors is the mineral rich water they drink, but also their diet. One of their favorite foods and an important part of the Hunza people’s diet are Apricots. They are eaten fresh in the summer and dried for the winter. The kernels are removed, ground and roasted; the oil is used for cooking, dressings and as a facial lotion. Apricot Kernel oil is healthful in tightening the skin. On average, The Hunzas eat between 50 to 75 milligrams of Vitamin B17 a day (G. Edward Griffin, ‘World Without Cancer’ 1997) – in the Western World, most wouldn’t consume this amount in a year!

Amygdalin is found in Apricot Kernels is also referred to as Vitamin B17, in its extracted pure concentrated form, it is known as Laetrile; this is used as a natural therapy for cancer patients in some clinics supported by other non-toxic therapies and good nutrition. Laetrile is simply a more soluble and concentrated form of Amygdalin, adding Apricot Kernels to your diet is a natural way to add B17 to your diet and protect against cancer.

Amygdalin was first extracted and named over 100 years ago and has been in pharmacological dictionaries since that time as being non-toxic. The assertion that taking Apricot Kernels poses a health risk is simple ignorance by pharmaceutical companies. Apricot Kernels are a staple part of the diet for many peoples, and thousands of others all over the world choose to take Apricot Kernels for the health benefits.

It does have a poison locked away in it – one of its constituents is cyanide, but this is also found in Vitamin B12, almonds, cassava, cherries, strawberries and a host of other foods we consume. The cyanide is locked into the Amygdalin, so it is chemically inert and completely harmless to normal cells. In the same way, common salt (sodium chloride) is safe to eat despite containing the poison chlorine. Amygdalin is actually less toxic than salt and sugar.

The bodies are creating cancer cells all the time, and normally the immune system can destroy them. At times of stress and in a particularly weakened state and with regular exposure to carcinogens, then the multiplication of cancer is too great for the immune system to handle. Amygdalin rides along side the immune system and attacks the cancer cells directly. The cancer cells have within them an enzyme, which unlocks the poison in the Amygdalin – this destroys the cancer cells. Normal, healthy cells have a different enzyme, which unlocks the Amygdalin in a different way releasing nutrients and a neutralizing agent. Researchers at Imperial College London have been experimenting using cyanide to kill cancer cells and state that the liver would quickly neutralize any poison that escaped into the bloodstream.

For prevention, Dr Ernst T Krebs Jr., a biochemist that first produced laetrile in the 1950s, recommended that if a person would eat 7 to 10 apricot kernels daily for life thus barring Chernobyl, he is likely to be cancer free.

The medical establishment/allopathic medicine often likes to quote a famous study on Laetrile, asserting that it has no benefits. Listen to the “BUT, this is big.” The 5-year study was undertaken by America’s top cancer research centre Sloan Memorial Kettering Cancer Research (SMKR) Center; perhaps just as importantly, the study was led by Dr Kanematsu Sugiura, a highly esteemed researcher, renowned for his integrity with over 60 years experience in cancer research. And in 1977, at the conclusion of the trials, Dr Sugiura was not given the opportunity to speak. Because the press was encouraged to release the following statement:

“…Laetrile was found to possess neither preventative, nor tumor-regressent, nor anti-metastatic, nor curative anticancer activity.”

Fortunately at the press conference at Sloan Kettering, a journalist shouted:”Dr. Kenamatsu Sugiura – do you stick by your belief that laetrile stops the spread of cancer? I stick!
Of course, this was unfortunate for the upper echelons at Sloan Kettering.

When later asked “Why are they so much against it”? Dr Suigara answered, “I don’t know. Maybe the medical profession doesn’t like it because they are making too much money.”
Here are the key conclusions of Sugiura’s work:

1. Laetrile inhibited the growth of tumors
2. It stopped the spreading (metastasizing) of cancer in mice
3. It relieved pain
4. It acted as a cancer preventative
5. It improved general health

Much of this article was copied and reworded for easier reading. www.regenerativenutrition.com.

We live in an age where getting our hands on really good nutrition is available through the divine insight of those that are dedicated to taking time to find, produce and deliver a superior product. Finding apricot kernels of this quality that is already activated and dehydrated is a gift. I have set up an account with the company, so I can provide them to my clients and friends.
A 1-pound bag is $30, and it will last a very long time at just a handful a day.

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