Why Love, Parasite Cleansing

Love saves a house from fire…kept the pests out

Why Love? What is it about the month of February as being the love month? It’s really a combination of a few events that have dubbed February as the month of love, but please don’t limit one’s self to just February.

February 14th in England and France is considered to be the mating season for birds this coupled with the Lupercalia pagan ritual for fertility, and then, of course, St. Valentine’s day is probably some of the reasons that February is the month of love. There are many stories about Valentine. The Catholic church has three saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all whom were martyred.

In ancient Rome, February was the beginning of Spring. It was the time of purification including cleaning out the house. Through purification/cleaning we make way for the new whether it’s a new love or purifying the current love for an upgrade.

This is more than love for another; it’s love for one’s self too. If we don’t love, forgive, respect and accept ourselves exactly the way we are, how can we expect to receive from another what we can’t or won’t do for ourselves. Because of this one point is why so many miss what right in front of them.

If you’re single, invite friends and family over for a movie and hugs. Or if you’re in a relationship, begin to take steps to create more quality moments. Just the simple act of kindness, listening, saying thank you, etc. is enough to start a relationship on a more joyful path. Just remember to celebrate love because it’s for a lifetime.

The human heart is an amazing pump that functions perfectly when we live by love because the heart muscle relaxes. And that same heart will constrict when we allow hatred, anxiety and despair to govern our thoughts. Stress is the leading cause of heart attacks.

During wildfires in northern California where hundreds of home were being burned to the ground, the fire when approaching one house split and went around the home. When the homeowners, newlyweds, just back from their honeymoon, were interviewed on why their home was spared, while all their neighbors’ houses were lost to fire, they had no answer, just that they felt lucky. Could their love have created a protective force field around their home? It’s definitely something to ponder.

No matter how you choose to celebrate love this February, please, please, please just begin to express love in everything you do. Prepare food in love, clean in love, give thanks for love, drive in love, and love will surprise us by showing up more and more.

Peace, Love and Blessings,


The Value of Parasite Cleansing!

February being the month of purification is also the perfect time for a parasite cleanse. The interior of our bodies is the perfect vessel to host parasites. Yes, worms and bugs. Most people think that only if we travel internationally do we have a chance to catch parasites. This is simply a convenient lie that we tell ourselves. And we’re not exempted from parasites because we don’t eat meat.

If you know that you have to worm your pet, please know that you’ve got to worm yourself too. At least once a year taking a parasite cleanse for a period of time (which is determined by our body’s current health) is a simple maintenance plan that ensures a healthier interior. What does that mean? Health into old age! Let’s say young age!

Stop feeding the parasites! It’s time to make sure that the foods and nutrition that we ingest is being used for our health, not for supercharging the parasites.

You can find different parasite cleanses at the health food stores. I’ve used them myself in the past. I also carry a parasite cleanse that I prefer; it’s through Health Force Nutritionals at $28 per bottle of 150 vegan caps.

Next month I’ll go over healthy, safe choices for ridding the home, pets, and yard of unwanted pests: fleas, mites, chiggers, etc., plus what to do if you’re bit by a brown recluse spider.

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