Chia Seeds, Soups to Strengthen Bones

Regulating insulin levels…healthy bones with calcium rich soups.

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How to Strengthen Your Bones? What weakens them?

Depressed, EM Power Plus Can Help

Article: How to Strengthen Your Bones?

Do you have any of these signs? If so, then your bone mass may be decreasing:

1. Premature Gray;
2. Thinning Hair;
3. Gum Disease and/or excessive plague;
4. Bones break easily and are slow to heal;
5. Brittle Nails;
6. Joint and Tendon soreness;
7. Chronic Bone pain;
8. Smoke, cigarettes and/or marijuana; and
9. Take or have taken steroid drugs.

Most people today are living a life than weakens the bones with about everything the do and don’t do. What’s interesting to me is? Most people don’t even think about their bones until it’s too late, old age. How often have you heard the story of the old woman just standing, falls down because the hip just broke. It takes years of daily abuse to reach that state.

The health of the bones tells a story on the health of the body. Why? Short version, the marrow in the bones produces the blood, and the blood produces the lymph fluid. We can get a glimpse of bone health through the texture of our hair, nails, teeth and connective tissue.

It’s more than avoiding certain foods that deteriorate bone, it’s adding the bone building foods and activities into a daily plan. And better yet it’s loading the body nutritional for a particular duration of time yearly, for life, to ensure a healthy, clean and strong body that has the ability to fight off infection, pollutants, etc.

When we strengthen the bones, we improve the quality of our blood, lymph, nails, hair, teeth and all of our connective tissue. Our body is a self-healing machine if we give it the right tools: nutrition, exercise and sufficient sleep. Our body will serve us well even under stress.

A wonderful book, “Healing with Whole Foods,” by Paul Pitchfood suggests making calcium soups, which I’ve listed below.

Calcium Soups:
1. Greens and Grains (Barley and Kelp);
2. Kidney beans and Kelp (Oriental)
3. “Like Heals Like” using organic bones cooked with acid veggies to extract the marrow from bones (tomatoes).
4. Onion Tea with seaweed.

No matter which soup you chose, add 10 vegetables and think green because this will ensure better nutrition packed into your soup and thus your body. You can also add Dong quai root while preparing your dish, roots are considered denser therefore assisting healing on deeper levels. And Dong quai is considered to boost the blood in women.

What strengthens bone:
Minerals: Multi, Silicon, Fulvic Acid
Herbs: Boneset, Nettles, Horsetail
Sea vegetables: Dulse
Black sesame seeds

What is high in boron, silicon and sulfur:
Blue-Green Algae
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Pears, Plum, Prunes
Sprouts, esp. alfalfa
Wild Rice

What weakens bone:
Coffee, antacids, deodorants with aluminum;
Birth Control Pills, most hormone replacement therapies;
Alcohol, Drugs/Antibiotics, Sodas, SUGAR;
Processed flour & breads, excess meats;
Regular table salt and excessive exercise;

This is just a small list, but I hope this gets you thinking about improving your health. Take small easy steps and health can be yours for the rest of your life.

Peace, Love and Blessings,


Depressed, EM Power Plus Can Help

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My sister’s husband suffers from bipolar, so in hopes of helping I started asking questions. During this process I came across a gentleman at a health expo, and his booth and message was geared towards depression. His wife had suffered most of her life as well as many of her family members with bipolar disorder. She contributes her freedom from depression and bipolar to EM Power Plus.

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