Mercury Removal, healthy dentistry choices…

Mercury Removal, healthy dentistry choices…
Medical Error Statistics

My parents always did their best to make sure I had regular dental appointments. And it seemed every time we went to the dentist there were always 2 teeth that had to have fillings. Many people I’ve spoken too say the same thing happened to them too. I guess it was a part of the “keep them in business plan.”

Anyhoo, mercury fillings were the standard, so as an adult my mouth was full of mercury. Throughout the years as a filling needed to be replaced I’d make sure that mercury was no longer used. With everything that I was doing right, I figured that would be just fine.

During the last 4 months I’ve been very pro-active in having the last of the mercury removed. And two weeks ago I did have the last of the mercury removed on the right side of my mouth. The morning following the appointment I was brushing my teeth – doing the usually morning routine and noticed some changes in my face in the mirror. Martin and friends noticed it too.

What is it? The left side of my face – cheekbone and slightly below look slightly puffy/inflamed. The right side had looked exactly the same the day before the procedure, but in less than 24 hours later had reduced inflammation and WRINKLES! Go figure!

With this new insight I decided I wasn’t going to wait for the last of the mercury to be removed on the left. So within the next 24 hours I called my dentist and schedule for the following week to have the last 2 mercury fillings to be removed on the leftside. They only had one spot open at 8 a.m. just a couple of days before leaving on a vusiness trip. Yes I know I misspelled business! Because it was both a business trip and vacation.

Within 2 days of having the mercury removed on the left side of my face, the swelling went down. Now the two sides are even once again, but now it is because there is no poison creating inflammation. The interesting thing too is my teeth feel stronger.

Everyday I feel so blessed by the intelligence of our bodies. Our bodies are holy temples in which our soul is housed. Regardless of what we do to it, it will always do it’s very best to take good care of us. I know mine has always got my back! Have you taken time to say Thank you to your body?

Beautiful Blessings,


Bad Medicine
The book, “The Essential Book of Useless Information,” by Don Voorhees there is a section titled “Bad Medicine.” In the section it states that the worst time to fill a prescription is within the first couple days of the month because that is when social security checks are received, and pharmacies are the busiest filling prescriptions.

So for those of you that take prescriptions of any kind please know that the first few days of the month is when the most fatal of medication errors occurred. When I learned this I went to: to read more interesting facts regarding medical errors. You might find it fascinating too.

Years ago when my grandparents were alive and well, my grandfather each day at the designated time would hand my grandmother her daily meds. She’d usually set them down and then within a few minutes take them, or so we thought.

One day when we needed to move her chair to do some cleaning we found pills of every shape and color underneath. She outlived him by 3.5 years and died at 94.

Hopefully this little notation will help you to realize the importance of taking the natural path to health more seriously, and only go to a doctor when it is absolutely necessary. If you’re not sure about when to go, ask…

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