Christmas Wishes 2013

Christmas Wishes 2013

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Mele Kalikimaka!

Hola! You Beautiful Beings of Light:

Yes, Christmas arrived extra fast this year! Normally for me I have most of my shopping done early. This year I got caught off guard a bit, so I am finishing the last of what I require then it’s time to wrap the gifts.

When I was in high school I took a Christmas job at Sears in the gift wrapping department. I had a blast wrapping the many different gifts that people brought to the counter. There were the normal type of gifts: blouses, gloves, shoes, and then there was the very unusual like the toilet seat and lamp shade.

Everyone has a different view on what Christmas is all about. For me it’s about adding a double and triple dose of love to everything we do. When I wrap gifts, I am smiling and filling the paper, the tape and, yes, the gift with love. As a child I enjoyed making gifts and I’d enjoy making the wrapping paper. I remember one gift looked like a red brick chimney.

When I open a gift I take my time feeling the love that the person has sent to me in this gift. There is so much love for us if we but take a moment, breath and say thank you for the many blessings.

One of my favorite poems by Hafiz:

There are so many gifts still unopened from your birthday.
There are so many handcrafted presents that have been sent you by God.
The Beloved does not mind repeating, “Everything I have is also yours.”

Yes, Christmas is a day we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ, and I feel it’s a gift of life for us too – that is wondrous to behold. Take time Christmas morning to give thanks and meditate. Envision Christ sitting across from you, and feel the love that fills your heart to overflowing. Carry throughout the day that magnificence of GRACE.

Peace, Love and Beautiful Blessings,

Beth Carpenter

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