Valentine’s and Two ways to Play plus Love Me Through Creme

Two ways to Play & Love Me Through Creme – February 14, 2015

Hola! You Beautiful Beings:

We have two special dates this week. Friday the 13th and Saturday the14th, Valentine’s Day, then 4 days after that it’s new moon time. With all this magic, make a long weekend of LOVE!

How do we start? Here are two ways to play this weekend:

The Twin Hearts meditation is a beautiful meditation that allows for cleansing, healing and loving of our heart and crown chakra while actively cleansing and energizing our mind and body and our beautiful planet, which includes our family and friends too. This meditation is by Grand master Choa Kok Sui. Please take twenty minutes to do this every day.

Second way is to give each other a full-body massage with my “Love You Through Cream.” Of course, you can massage it into skin yourself. This is my personal body cream that I’ve made for years. It works well for men as well as women.

Love Me Through is a Kokum Body Cream and helps to regenerate tired and worn skin cells while supporting elasticity and general flexibility of the skin wall – meaning we look and feel younger too. Oh yeah, it’s great for the intimate parts too!

Quick Glance at each ingredient:

Kokum: helps to regenerate tired and worn skin cells

Aloe Butter: soothes and quickly hydrates our skin

Jojoba: softens and prevents dehydration

Coconut oil: moisturizer and sunscreen

Apricot: reduces skin cancers

Castor oil: stimulates circulation

Argan: High in E, Absorbs fast, eases cause of acne

Tamanu: Heals damaged skin, eczema, burns and sunscreen

St. John’s Wort: Antiseptic/Antiviral, reduces swelling and pain

EPO: gentle and great with trouble skin

Sea buckthorn: Anti-aging and natural sunscreen

E: preservative, protection from harmful UV rays

Frankincense: 600 useful benefits including reducing fine lines

Blue Tansy: supports nervous system, eases stress & irritation

Germanium: increases oxygen supply and circulation

Rose Sudanese: reduces redness and cleans pores

It comes in a four-ounce jar for $48. A little goes a long way. There are no chemicals, binders or fillers of any kind, just good, healthy and organic ingredients made with lots of love then run through Trinfinity 8 program aligning algorithms for the best possible cream you will ever experience!

There are only 9 jars left, so call today to get your jar. A beautiful way to Love Yourself through LOVE ME THROUGH cream. Top off  Valentine’s weekend with a cup of Kava, flowers, and music.