Recipe for increasing hair growth & decrease hair loss

Thickening Thinning Hair

Recipe for increasing hair growth & decrease hair loss.

Hola, All you Beautiful, Beings of Light:


Thinning hair is a challenge that men and women both face. Often with women it is hormonal. With men it can be genes and less frequently hormones.

Either way there can helpful remedies. My hair was always fine, but thick as a child until I was in my early twenties. Thinning became more obvious after going through a 10-year cancer experience. At the age of 32, I was forced into early menopause while undergoing a bone marrow transplant, which accelerated thinning hair after, of course, growing back in.

There was no cancer in the reproductive system, but I did undergo total body radiation for three days. Wow, how fast a body can change with JUST 3 DAYS of total body radiation. I would undergo a total of 12 radiation treatments with 3 additional treatments to my ribcage.

During each radiation treatment there were a total of 3 blasts, so to me the 12 had been multiplied to 36 plus the bonus sessions. And just like that ovaries are dead, no more cycles and early menopause. (You can read more about this in my book, Strength of the Spirit.)

As my hair thinned there were never bald spots because the hair loss was evenly distributed. I knew how to get my hair to grow faster, but not thicken. Yes you can buy volumizing shampoos and conditioners, but they don’t increase hair follicles – they just give the illusion of more hair.

I eat well, drink raw juices, consume superfoods and supergreens, but my hair was still falling out. Friends would ask me what they could do, and the best I could give them was getting the hair you have to grow. Thank God that has changed after many years of trying many products. YAY! I have finally achieved my hair thickening because of more hair follicles! And this was done without drugs, chemicals or surgeries.

So what have I done? I added about 10 drops of rosemary oil to my shampoo, plus I take 5 mg. of Biotin a day along with BioSil morning and night. In the past I’d take horsetail extract, herbal silica, but BioSil works much better. Plus I take natural living silica through one of my raw vendors. Yes, I now carry it in my office.

When I travel I only take the BioSil because it’s in capsules, where the living silica is liquid. In addition, I minimize sugar. Even though I eat only natural sugars, it still needs to be reduced.

So this spring think about Resurrecting the Life of your hair plus it does wonders for your nails, skin and all soft tissue!


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What are my skincare products that I’ll have available?

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Peace, Love, and Health! May we be Abundantly Blessed,


Beth Carpenter, ND