Helichrysum, Using the Essential Oil

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Helichrysum, Using the Essential Oil

In this newsletter I am sharing information on Helichrysum Essential Oil. This wonderful plant is as special as Frankincense and Lavender. Soldiers and warriors in days gone by would carry helichrysum with them into battle because of its effectiveness in healing wounds. Matter of fact, it seemed to have a consciousness of it’s own – to know when blood needs to be thinned or clot.

Helichrysum has regenerating properties that assist in healthy skin cell growth and healing (could this help burn victims?). It also calms the nervous system. Healing is accelerated through reduction of swelling and inflammation, pain reduction, minimize scarring, and it helps to reduce blood clots.

Interesting enough it improves circulation, reduces cholesterol, and helps detox the liver and spleen. Another plus is blood pressure can lower and be regulated. Pubmed.gov has medical studies supporting folkloric medicine of helichrysum for the healthy management of HBP.

Learning about Helichrysum I found documentation that it helps to cleanse our liver and spleen. This peeked my interest since for many years I’ve done many liver flushes, and have guided many friends and clients through how to detox the body from liver and gallbladder flushes, parasite cleanses, breaking down kidney stones, etc. Doing cleanses can be interesting. You must know what you’re doing, or make sure you are working with an expert because we all need that little bit of extra help to ensure success.

I’m often asking, “What if cleansing could get easier?” Thank God it has…YES, thank God for this wonderful plant. You can rub a drop or two of the essential oil on the bottom of your feet and over the liver twice a day to improve liver and spleen function, and some believe you can take it internally. This is a very pricey essential oil, and if you are going to use it, you must choose the best and most pristine. Currently I can get an ounce for $500, this includes 100 veggie capsules. That’s a 2-month supply if you take one capsule daily.

What I do is rub 2 drops of the oil over my liver region daily, and I put 5 drops in a capsule. I took it once a day for 7 days. Then I increased to 10 drops a day in a vegetable capsule. I will continue this for 60 days. What I’ve noticed is my bowels move better, and dark, old matter is coming out. There seems to be zero discomfort, my body is in general feeling stronger, and my lungs can breath more deeply. I’ll keep you posted as more time passes.

FYI: Be careful if you take any blood thinners and consult your physician.

Pranic Healing is NEXT

Pranic Healing One class will be held in Austin, TX on July 11th & 12th

Maria Wilson, a friend and a wonderful teacher, will be teaching the class, you can register here. Be sure to register early to get a discount. Here’s the link:


You can also call Maria Wilson at 210-445-9234 or by email at mmba_vs@hotmail.com

If you speak Spanish, no worries because Maria is bilingual.

Pranic Healing is my favorite energy healing modality. I’ve studied many forms of energy healing, and I’m a Reiki master too, and Pranic Healing wins out hands down because results happen fast plus it feels so good.

Close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to have our auric fields vacuumed with light. Just like our floors look and feel better when vacuumed, the glop or contamination within our auric field get consumed, erased and transmuted. The benefits are numerous: happier and more peaceful, clearer focus and better ability to make healthy choices.

I hope you will make arrangements to attend. This class will help you to take care of your energy levels too.