EmPowerPlus Advanced 120 capsules


Empower Plus is an Excellent Multi-Vitamin that also helps to balance the serotonin of the brain and helps with focus and follow through.


There are so many people suffering from depression, bipolar, ADD, anxiety, or fatigue. It’s a mixed bag on the cause; it’s usually a combination of things. Diet and stress are a large contributing factor. One-way to help the body in handling the stress is to supple it with the right vitamins and foods. The improvement is profound and recognized within just a few days.

My sister’s husband suffers from bipolar, so in hopes of helping I started asking questions. During this process I came across a gentleman whose wife had suffered most of her life as well as many of her family members with bipolar disorder. She contributes her freedom from depression and bipolar to EM Power Plus.

For reasons that are not fully understood, people with mental illnesses seem to need more of certain vitamins and trace minerals than other people. Research has shown this strong connection between brain function and nutrients. Numerous studies of EMPP have shown positive results. EMPP is food for the starving brain.

Can a person without depression or mental challenges take EMPP? YES! I spoke with the company because I like to test products myself before every referring them to a client. From the very first dose I noticed an increased energy level, calmness and mental clarity. I just take 1/4 the dose.
Will I keep taking them? YES!

EMPP Advanced is a new approach to mental wellness EMPower Plus is Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd’s revolutionary nutrient supplement developed to address the symptoms of mental illnesses such as bipolar affective disorder, depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder and other central nervous system disorders. The advanced requires taking less capsules while being cheaper too.

EMPP surpasses other vitamins because:

1. Micronization of Minerals for better absorption;
2. Chelation;
3. Balance of Vitamins and Minerals;
4. Quantity meaning take less for more;
5. Individualized support; and
6. Peer-Reviewed Research

Thousands of people with mental illnesses now depend on EMPower Plus to effectively control their symptoms, without significant side effects.

Since 1996, several scientific researchers and doctors in clinical practice have been studying the effects of EMPower Plus on mental disorders such as bipolar disorder to mild anxiety disorders. In all of the five published studies, more than 80 percent of the participants saw a major improvement in symptoms. The remaining 20 percent saw moderate to minor improvement.

“I don’t even know where to begin except I guess I could begin right now and right now my life is more manageable, more livable, more exciting than it has been in thirty years. I’ve gone from abusing recreational drugs, battling severe depression, suicide attempts and living on the streets of LA to actually wanting to get out of bed and looking forward to each day. Is it a panacea for all of life’s problems? No, it does however help in assisting and welcoming life’s challenges. It really is a miracle.” Todd Broadfoot, Austin, TX

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