Lung Blend


Powerful, good smelling blend of oils for deeper breathing and lung health.


Lung Blend is a formula I developed back in 2018. Only recently the inspiration hit me to make it available publicly. AND what a time to do so! In the midst of the ongoing challenges around the world plus the arrival of the Saharan sand in Texas on top of our usual allergens, AND wearing face masks, this oil blend is ready. This is our ONLY formula with any mint in it.

Important FYI: All MINT essential oils should NOT be used around children under 5 years of age or pregnant women. 

Proprietary blend of essential oils:

  • Cajeputuseful in treating colds, headaches, toothache, and tumors. Can loosen phlegm so it can be coughed up (like an expectorant).
  • Gemnocephalum – excellent for promoting better lung health, used as an anti-inflammatory, reduce pain, and relieves many kinds of infections, viruses and bacteria.
  • Peppermint Supreme – (Mentha piperita), a.k.a. ‘candy mint’ has a sweeter smell, helps to stop coughing, relieve head congestion, aids digestion & nausea to name a few.
  • Ravensara – is a cure-all E.O., helps with excess mucous and phlegm in the respiratory tract, essential for inhalation in air travel.
  • White Spruce promotes healthy lung and airway activity including spastic coughing, soothing for muscle spasms.
  • Rosalinaa gentle expectorant with anti-infectious properties, extremely gentle on the mucous membranes as well as the skin

– 7.12.20 Testimonials – Did a small event in Irving, TX July 11th & 12th

Two years ago in 2018 I developed the Lung Blend and this is the first event that I launched it to the public. Definitely perfect timing because everyone attending was wearing face masks. We asked if they wanted a drop on the mask to help them breath. Over and over throughout the day people were saying, “Oh my God, I can breath; Wow, I don’t have to smell my breath,;Oh my God, I can feel it in my lungs; It smells so good.”

Because of this we sold out of every bottle, and had to make more and ship it out to 3 people. This is awesome news! – Beth Carpenter

~ 6.30.20 Testimonial ~

Sitting outside with a friend, we realized we could feel our bodies starting to react to the Saharan dust in the air. I pulled out my new Lung Blend and with the first inhalations, I could immediately feel my lungs expand and clearing the congestion. It was seriously like a huge breath of fresh air! My friend, Max, experience the same thing. We both applied it to our chests as well.
We both added a couple drops to our face masks and would hold them up to our face and inhale every few minutes. Partly to help keep our lungs clear but even more because we love the smell so much! It kept us from having more adverse reactions from our time outside.
~ Shannon Grace



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