Women’s Skin Care, Makeup & Vision Care DVD


Learn interesting facts that contribute to hormone imbalance and macular degeneration in women


Women’s Skin Care, Makeup & Vision Care DVD

Before I proceed to tell you about this DVD, I would ask you to go through this list and think of all the things you may have ever used and/or still use on your skin, from your décolleté (neck and cleavage) up to the top of your head.

Hair dyes    –     Tattoos        –        Piercings        – Botox
Day Cremes        – Night Cremes    – Toners        –        Scrubs
Masks              –  Chemical Peels    – Foundation        – Powders
Eyeliner                – Mascara                – Eye Shadow        – Lipstick
Lip-liners        – Lip gloss              –  Chapsticks        – Hair Sprays
Shampoo        – Conditioner        – Soaps    –        Styling Gels
Bleaching        – Glitter                     – Glues w/ False Eyelashes
Waxing              –  Perfumes        – Plastic Surgery    – Blemish Cremes
Contacts        – Glasses              –  Eye Drops          – Concealers
Sun Blocks     –       Lash Lengthening    Nasal Sprays    –        Ear Drops
Dental Fillings – Metal Caps    – Toothpaste        – Mouthwash
Mercury Dental Fillings       – Dental Whitening

I am a philosopher at heart and several years ago, I began wondering why women have a higher ratio of strokes and macular degeneration than men. I asked myself, what do women do uniquely different, that men don’t do?

It is my belief that many of our health issues have a common thread outside of current trains of thought and research. This DVD explains what I have discovered.

This educational tape is just that, education. It is up to you to do your own due diligence. And it is my wish for you to understand the common sense of this wisdom. Say yes to supervising, directing and applying your good health habits; they are yours to command. Listen to guidance from other professionals and remember, it is up to you!

Intuitively Guiding You in Health & Happiness!

Neither this DVD/CD nor Beth Carpenter N.D. is in any way whatsoever diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing, preventing, or caring for “disease.” Diagnosis or treatment of any kind is outside the scope and practice of Natural Health and Life Science.