Love Me Through Creme


Delicious body/night creme with 2 types of Frankincense oil


Love Me Through is a Kokum Body Creme that comes in two sizes: 2-oz. and 4-oz. jars. This lovely creme will help to regenerate tired and worn skin cells while supporting elasticity and general flexibility of skin.

All of My Healthy Skin products are proprietary blends of the highest available essential oils and carrier oils that are natural, Eco Friendly, Organic and Made with Loving Hands in Austin, TX.

A Quick Glance at each ingredient:

KOKUM BUTTER: helps to regenerate tired and worn skin cells
ALOE BUTTER: soothes and quickly hydrates our skin, natural sunscreen
JOJOBA: softens and prevents dehydration
APRICOT KERNEL OIL: reduces skin cancers
CASTOR OIL: stimulates circulation
ARGAN: High in E, Absorbs fast, eases cause of acne
TAMANU: Heals damaged skin, eczema, burns and sunscreen
ST. JOHNS WORT:  Antiseptic/Antiviral, reduces swelling and pain
EPO: gentle and great with trouble skin
SEA BUCKTHORN: Anti-aging and natural sunscreen
VITAMIN E: preservative, protection from harmful UV rays
FRANKINCENSE: 600 useful benefits including reducing fine lines
BLUE TANSY: supports nervous system, eases stress & irritation
YARROW: maintain healthy, scar free skin
GERANIUM: increases oxygen supply and circulation
ROSE SUDANESE: reduces redness and cleans pores

Every formula has it’s own Trinfinity 8 protocol that I have put together with the guidance from above. Every blend is run through its protocol 3-times to align the algorithms to maximize healthy, healing care.

I have always had very dry skin. Even when moisturizing twice a day, few lotions or creams can keep me from drying out and peeling.  The Love Me Through cream is one of those wonderful creams that actually work!  In addition to keeping my skin moisturized, it also just made my skin look better over all. I noticed my pores appeared smaller and less noticeable. And my skin looked smoother in general. This is a great cream, especially for those with very dry skin. – Hayley Creamer

Intuitively Guiding You in Health & Happiness!

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