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Diversionary Stones and Peace During the Holidays!

Diversionary Stones & Supplement Sale Peace During the Holidays. Hola! This Holiday Season: On the Saturday the 22nd of November I gave a talk on Cruising through the Holidays! It was such fun as I shared with people how to set up diversionary stones and make kava shooters. So I decided to share this week about the diversionary stones and next week about kava shooters. For many years now I have loved working (and playing) with crystals. There is wondrous energy and beauty that they offer us. There are stones for strengthening our blood to protecting us from harm and

Why ghosts & ET’s must be cleared!

Extraterrestrials Why ghosts & ET’s must be cleared! Hola! All you Beautiful People: Yes, fall is here and Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve is tomorrow. Last week a client shared a story of ET encounter when visiting her niece. The interesting thing about the story is that every family member that was present saw the ET. Usually it is only the child that sees. Following such stories the child is discounted, told to stop making stuff up, there’s nothing to be scared about and get over it. Thank God this family believed and saw it their own eyes too! When