divine love

Divine Alignment & Straightening

A Day of Gratitude and Miracles! Divine Alignment & Straightening. Often I ponder what to write about, and this is true today too. Do I put in some delectable recipes or an inspirational share. I believe it’s a little of both. First and foremost daily aligning our hearts in the state of Gratitude to Divine Source is essential, not just on Thanksgiving. The moments that we start to feel insecure in some way is the same moment we separate from Divine Source. When this occurs thoughts, choices and decisions are really from the consciousness of lack. These thoughts will and

Divine Love Through Me…..

Activating love and gratitude… Divine Love Through Me……… In this issue: DLTMIGTT Wellness Expo Monthly Meditation Night Dear Friends: Are you getting tired of all the news about the state of the economy? I know that I am since we are reminded every moment of every day on what to do to get through the rough times. I don’t want you to just “get through the rough times,” I’d like for you to stop and take a deep breath, and then another breath and another, while learning how to sail through any day while wrapped in a rainbow and a