Divine Love Through Me…..

Activating love and gratitude…

Divine Love Through Me………

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Dear Friends:

Are you getting tired of all the news about the state of the economy? I know that I am since we are reminded every moment of every day on what to do to get through the rough times.

I don’t want you to just “get through the rough times,” I’d like for you to stop and take a deep breath, and then another breath and another, while learning how to sail through any day while wrapped in a rainbow and a smile in your heart.

For years now there has been a prayer that I have used that works beautifully in changing things for the better:

Divine love through me I give thanks that (DLTMIGTT) I give my highest and best to all people and things now, and all people and things give their highest and best to me now.

No matter what story the media, friends, co-workers, spouse, family and government agencies tell, choose today to say: Wow I’m choosing to give and receive the highest and best now, and by doing so I am permitting a higher self and power to live and be in all aspects of my life and relationships.

Stress constricts our thoughts and actions. Living from an open place permits our natural intuitive nature to guide us in a fuller and happier life. Irritation, frustration, low energy, and rash decisions are fear based. There is a Japanese proverb that says it quite well, “A fool in a hurry, drinks tea with chopsticks.” Personally I like to sip my tea from a cup.

Please start trusting you even in the learning process. Delightfully abundant blessings happen even when you are on a learning curve.

Intuitively Guiding You in Health and Happiness,


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