divine presence

2014, What Does it Bring?

An exciting time to be Alive forevermore. What does it Bring? 2014 – Life is Changing for the Better! This next year is going to be an amazing year filled with enormous consciousness shifts. Each of us will be more at PEACE within ourselves as we reflect on an inner awareness of a higher consciousness and power (not the government) that lives within AND all around us. There will be an influx of GRACE filling our minds and hearts and hands. We will walk as ONE! Old and out of date beliefs will be shattered. Yea! No more hamster wheel!

Gratitude & Banana Milk

DLTMIGTT??? and a delicious recipe for banana milk… In this issue: Thanksgiving All Year Banana Milk Dearest Friends: Thanksgiving has come and gone while retailers and media push Christmas right through the day. To brush over a day of gratitude is thoughtless. Gratitude should be recognized every single day. When we take time for appreciation and thankfulness, we begin to hear the divine presence within us. It is only through moments of silence a deeper wisdom can come out to play. This beautiful wisdom is always present, but we must learn to be still. Years ago when I was working