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DLTMIGTT??? and a delicious recipe for banana milk…

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Banana Milk

Dearest Friends:

Thanksgiving has come and gone while retailers and media push Christmas right through the day. To brush over a day of gratitude is thoughtless. Gratitude should be recognized every single day. When we take time for appreciation and thankfulness, we begin to hear the divine presence within us. It is only through moments of silence a deeper wisdom can come out to play. This beautiful wisdom is always present, but we must learn to be still.

Years ago when I was working for retired Texas Supreme Court Judge, I had taken up a part time job for a few months to help with expenses. Early each morning I’d take my dog, Jenny, for a walk. One morning before heading into the office Jenny and I were about to start our walk, and I said a little prayer of thanks for the extra money, and then forgot about it. Within 10 paces from my door as we were walking I found a $20 bill. Wow! Thank you again. Instead of taking my usual trek back to the apartment, I decided to just go back the way I came. There was another $20 bill.

Being thankful today allows abundance to be here now and now and now. This is how it influences the future.

Here is the exercise that I have used for years and it is simple to do:

“Divine love through me I give thanks knowing that _______________,” or

“I am so happy and grateful now that _______.”

Another wonderful example of how it works:
For ten years now, I’ve been a vendor at the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas. One particular time I was just having some goofy fun with the gratitude statement. As I was driving, I repeated a few times, “I am so happy and grateful that people give me gifts.” I love gifts like many people do, and I was laughing as I said this.

Sunday morning, the last day of the show, just as I had arrived at my booth there was a bracelet with a sweet note in my seat from another vendor I hardly knew. Around lunchtime a long time client came by the booth with food. Two hours after that a man that I had seen in some of the same social circles came by with a gift too: a forest green shoulder wrap with a Celtic knot on it. By this time I was flying high with all the thoughtfulness from so many kind people, but the divine was not done yet. As the day was coming to an end a man offered to take me to Mexico for a week. His girlfriend had just broken up with him. I laughed, said thank you, and told him I was going to decline the offer.

The universal, divine order, God, Mother-Father God, whatever you feel comfortable calling this great presence is always here to delight and deliver if we but ask.

Play with gratitude and see if it changes your life.
I did! And it did!

May You See and Know Gratitude Each Day,


Banana milk is dairy free, easy to make, and enjoyed by all. And it is very easy on children’s stomachs or anyone with a sensitive stomach.

1 banana
1 teaspoon of agave nectar
2 organic dates
(soak them for 10 minutes to soften, be sure to take the pits out too)
20 raw almonds
(Optional power drink recipe below)

Put all ingredients into a blender and whirl with about one cup of water. After everything is blended and whirled well, then add 2-4 more cups of water and whirl just a bit longer. Let it chill in the refrigerator. Very yummy!

FYI: With any nut (in this case almonds) I activate them first. You can choose to do this or not.

What is activating nuts? You are starting – activating the germinating process. There is more nutritional value plus easier on the digestion system too.

When I’m activating nuts I soak 2 plus pounds for 4-8 hours, dehydrate them for a couple of days, and then keep them stored in the freezer. This way I just pull them out and use whenever I need them without soaking them for hours before each use.

Or you can soak 20 almonds for about 8 hours, rinsing them before tossing them into the blender. Caution: Do not store soaked seeds in the refrigerator, they will go rancid. If you soak a lot of nuts, they must be dehydrated for proper storage.

If a power drink is what you’re looking for, then take 2 cups of the banana milk and add a heaping tablespoon of lecithin, heaping tablespoon of spirulina and a heaping teaspoon of maca with ice and whirl. A perfect drink for health and longevity.

If you don’t have a dehydrator and have thought about getting one, you can order it from my site. Look on the product page under equipment.

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