Superfoods I carry, Trinfinity 8 Healing

Superfoods I Carry + Trinfinity 8 This Thursday, January 23rd from 7-9 p.m. will be my monthly group healing evening. This is a gift I love giving to my community. It is by love donation only, so if you wish to give, you can. Please come and enjoy! I will speaking briefly before the healing on our many opportunities for this year. Often I’m asked what products do I carry in my office, so I decided to list them. To get the full description, go to: EMPP Multivitamin that balances serotonin levels: 120 capsules for $67 Ojio Electrolyte w/

Holiday Tips & Gifts

Holiday Tips & Gifts, traveling tips during the holidays and stocking stuffer supplements Holiday Tips & Gifts What I wish for each of you this holiday is a joy-filled time with friends and family that warms your heart. Find time to sing songs, play games and take walks together. Everyone pitch in with cooking and cleaning up. And even as the holiday comes to a close I wish the very same for you each day of the year. May the memories of this season bring a smile to your face that can easily be carried into the daily do’s that

Iodine for Thyroid Health

Iodine is a trace mineral necessary for physical & mental development For many years iodine deficiencies has been identified in 129 countries as being an contributing factor in public health problems, so you could say this is an global issue. I think the only country where is doesn’t seem to an issue is in Japan where they have the largest consummation of fish and seaweed. So what is iodine? Iodine is considered an trace mineral as well as a nonmetallic chemical that is necessary for physical and mental development. It is needed for healthy function of the thyroid glands. Without